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Pay up or go to Jail with Your Lover?


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The Evolution of MLM Money Game in China

The era of Confucius values dominated socialism is over in China since 1978’s economic reformation and with the introduction of Multi Level Marketing(MLM) marketing schemes brought in from US, Taiwan and Japanese business operators all hoping to lay their hand on the massive and highly lucrative markets coincided with accompanying economic uncertainty and a new shift towards individual wealth accumulation, unfortunately, some relentless and scrupulous countless incessant unlicensed pyramid multilevel marketing (MLM) get rich fast schemes had also stoked society strife and added to the economic burden of typical Chinese household as million had begun to embrace a western style consumable culture where mainstream, fragmented and highly influential social medias increasingly shape Chinese perception of being successful is to get rich where the end justify the means

“It doesn’t matter if a cat is black or white, so long as it catches mice.”—- Deng Xiaoping

It all started with a humble Taiwanese massaging lifestyle device in 80s now still retailing at RMB$850 in online store “Taobao” where the operator got creative with their multi-tier marketing strategy despite only issued of single layer marketing license, fetching steeply inflated price as high as RMB$6980 covering its marketing expenses namely for the top and up-lines commissions and an irresistible promising prospect to become a re-seller by signing up as member with handsome potential returns under the US origin imported and locally improvised 5 level 3 tier rewarding payout arrangement. All legit with physical products and services until the turning point with ever increasing unsustainable member base and production inability to cope with the escalating demands which led to top management surprised realization the key is members recruitment with joining fees rather than the actual service and quality of the products to keep the ball rolling and from there on the MLM pyramid schemes took on a whole new dimension marketing “dreams” of get rich fast money games to anyone who willing to open up their wallets.

Greed is a bottomless pit which exhausts the person in an endless effort to satisfy the need without ever reaching satisfaction. — Erich Fromm

Despite being banned on the mainland by the government in 1998, citing social, economic, and taxation issues as the exponential growth had tested the moral fiber of Chinese where the top tiers masterminds go through the ocean with their mouths open, swallowing up massive schools of tiny prawns like oversize whales.  Most “believers” ended up destroying their personal credibility usually targeting the low hanging fruits of their immediate families to join the “program” and although it had been  statistically proven, between 99.0% and 99.9% of all participants in MLMs in fact lose money. When seeming harmless dreams selling become normalised behaviours adding to the glory of getting rich regardless of methods continue to thrive this crowd milking activities, some perhaps revel in the successful recruitment of the network as long one is not the last sheep stepping into the slaughter house and no one had seriously acknowledge the facts that only the top and the subsequent immediate layers would had gotten all the member fees leaving the 3rd and bottom caught with their pants down when the tides recedes not unlike how the casino and lottery operates to a larger extent, the main different is the latter sell “luck” openly and legit in paying heavy taxes to the state and almost everyone ended up poorer and they strictly remained as Business to Consumer business models.

The things that will destroy America are prosperity-at-any-price, peace-at-any-price, safety-first instead of duty-first, the love of soft living, and the get-rich-quick theory of life.–Theodore Roosevelt

Effective eradication of these scams is as delicate as a bird in the hand as these are driven by mankind’s desires to be successful unfortunately narrowly defined merely by monetary gains in China, further more since recently the anonymity and invisibility afforded by the virtual space remove inhibitions for soliciting and recruiting un-suspicious down-lines, in addition, the availability of professional MLM software platform like “3M Development” system asking RMB$5K to RMB$35000 and annual maintenance fees of RMB$1500 make the job easier for the witty snake oil salesman to focus on selling the “dreams” and recruitment of members through variety of online platforms making it harder and nearly impossible for the authority to crack as most often than not, hardly any members involved would step forward to lodge report and all these activities falls into the jurisdiction of commercial compliance department instead of police for criminal misconducts

 “I think everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see that it’s not the answer.”― Jim Carrey

In addition, in 2008 the multi millions business ventures went viral with pioneer MLM pyramid grandmaster’s clever’s repackaging and convincingly claiming endorsement of Chinese government to help the relatively poorer southern China regions to develop their infrastructures drawing inappropriate analogies of crowd funding had helped the southern farmers rebuilt their homelands after the American civil war 150 years back and how Japanese economy thrived for 30 years although she was slapped with hefty fines from the war tribunal in the late 1940s. The story is so persuasive and generated a new wave of “believers” flocking into the city of Nanning in Southern China within and from overseas all hoping to strike the MLM lottery leaving a trails of family tragedies and disappointments along the way all becoming the casualty of the money game.

When something looks too good to be true, it usually is.–Emmy Rossum

Nevertheless, there are perhaps couple of unique fundamental elements that inevitably will continue to drive the MLM pyramid schemes in China;

Weakening core values on true meaning of fruitful living, virtues alone failed to withstand the desires to strike gold mines promised with unsustainable short term returns, newly created millionaires are happening at a faster rate than ever before in China, most wouldn’t bat their eyes flaunting their wealth through lavish lifestyles thought highly visible high end rides and luxurious properties and the trend towards never ending similar illegal Chinese style MLM operations under all kind of pretexts usually some eye catching and hot topics such as gold, virtual currency, block chain and crowd funding and so on also reflects Chinese attitude’s change for bigger appetite on high returns with high risk, participants claiming 100% innocent lured by the ridiculous gains are usually fooling themselves joining the scam with their eyes wide open, even allowing for China bigger population, it still punches heavily above its weight on the ever larger scales.

“Right is right even if no one is doing it; wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it― Augustine of Hippo

Highly sophisticated Social influences and strategies, the perpetrators  deploy multitude of high pressure brain washing and mental education with irresistible social peer influences and is instantly gaining trust with  subsequent soft and hard mind conditioning and emotional pressure by multiple elements of social influencing with enthusiastic and passionate get rich dreams, also with the clever sharing of countless success stories in the grassroots hierarchy often cutting off the potential candidate’s access to their outside worlds for helps and distress calls whereas the charismatic top brass in the higher up set the stage of rich and famous lifestyle with extravagant material displays. The effective mind shaping and conversion to the scheme is not unlike some cult-like recruitment drive or the total radicalisation of the whole nation as what Nazi and Imperial Japanese army had done in the 40s.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.–Niemöller


Irresistible returns The money game scams come with just as many risks as opportunities to harness huge amount of wealth, it’s worth pursuing for the witty, capable and criminals at the top of the food chain Insisting on strong and proactive enforcement to help safeguard the masses for their own selfish gains while sacrificing others, these highly pervasive and manipulative commercial criminals are no different from other conventional robbers and thieves but with a lot more destructions and damages.

In summary, mitigating risk of fallen into the scams one need to encourage stronger moral grounds across the whole communities;  its Important to recognise the long term trends which provided the backdrop and set the context for discussion of these issues, modern China had stagnated and went through extreme hard times for few decades until 1978s, she had impressively caught up with her equivalent super power in just 30 years since and these developments were nothing short of revolutionary creating a new middle class in hundreds of millions with insatiable appetites making impacts world wide with their new lifestyle needs. 100million went oversea for holidays and at home, they are consuming 7billon poultry Chicken annually, it is a challenge of growing interest to everyone from officials to ordinary Chinese citizens. MLM money game is just a new form of con artists existed since day one taking advantage of human basic flaws in greeds and selfishness just like in other developed counties like US and Taiwan. The bottom line is that big data tilts the playing field decisively in favour of the shrewd digital players themselves where they extract information and plant suggestions that will distort mostly middle income moral values and ended up behaving irrationally with motivated reasoning despite their gut feeling advice them otherwise, entirely fallen into the national drive to prosperity in these unspeakable manners resulting in ever more expanding membership base for the master minds.


Old Jobs in New Urban Chinese Economy

China is not unlike others, many of the highly educated middle income class in cities has to contend in the post industrial revolution era that seeks to replace old jobs in the urban economy with new one defined by dominance of digital age, newly created jobs mostly associated with 4G enabled sharing economies appeared as quickly as they became redundant over a short time span and white collars employees being made redundant multiple times in their entire shortening career lifespan as a result has becoming a norm in the labor market, arming with tertiary education alone is no longer being the magic bullet for a resilient and rewarding life-ong income earning capability as valuable hard skillsets are inevitably being replaced by Artificial Intelligent, technologies and automation, not to mention having to compete with the 7 to 8 million of new graduates entering the workforce every single year coupled with lengthening productive life span China’s health care system had impressively achieved over the past decades.

Knowledge is power. –Francis Bacon

Indeed, destructive innovation related jobs restructuring is exacerbating individual crisis and stretching family, society and confident to breaking point and China didn’t have the comprehensive protection infrastructure as in mature western Europe where basic welfare help alleviating the challenging situations in between jobs through unemployment benefits and accessibility to fundamental healthcare and education. The digital revolution in China is already disrupting its drive to drastically closing the income inequality gap. The efforts was central on administration plan to transform to resilient and healthy economic stage for social stability which is in limbo as massive unfulfilled potentials for millions of highly educated young Chinese in the new online and mediated era may further inflame social tensions where good paying jobs took on a whole new dimensions. In addition, the imbalanced academic appropriation of typical Chinese household resources for tertiary education is inimical to the contributing of meaningful useful members of the society that are anchored in Confucius values of holding highest regards to the higher echelon of the community where it had been proven effective in the past to improve social mobility with better lives but it had outlived its purpose and become irrelevant in the new and dynamic labor force in the cities.

Knowledge changes fate. —Li Ka Shing 

State level realignment of resources to better prepared their millions of inspiring youngster for jobs in the new urban economy is of paramount important to have far reaching impact and it’s already happening in other more matured places such as in United State and Taiwan. For example, recruitment based on actual skillsets strength rather than having college degree as prerequisite for the US corporations in an efforts to diversify their workforce. Also, many inspiring young Taiwanese generation had begun to see and started embracing the values of mastering of crafts in the area of interests; hair stylists, tool makers, breweries, interior designers, renovation contractors and so on as community going through the paradigm shifts of having low regards to these once considered low paid and low status jobs to a sexy one with decent career path where authenticity, creativity, soul enriching and personal touches are being sought after in the market with the same if not more promising rewards for the tier 1 performers and comfortable enough even for the next tiers.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” ― Aristotle

More options need to be feasible for sizeable highly educated and skilled knowledge workers to be free lancers providing multiple contracts based services to defy past social norms as many new generation consumers grew tiresome of non-differentiating digital mass offering once thought that will rule the world, new customers craves for uniqueness, vibrancy, interaction and originalities of which online platforms can only compliment rather than replacement. Majority of Chinese living in the post materialistic world where most if not all the essential needs are already being fulfilled are asking for more and the new breed of product of services arising will be the fuels to continue to drive the sharing and Gig economy. The inevitable evolutionary labor trend where jobs and locations are liberated with digital mobilisation, unprecedented flexibility and optimised matching of the employers and workers to maximise resources and offering of work life balance and fully utilising one’s potential and mastery of crafts.

“Energy and persistence conquer all things.” — Benjamin Franklin

For example, a certified property agent juggling between viewing appointments with potential clients, fetching young children from kindergarten as an Uber driver in between and and generating sponsored product reviews online on top of managing a web store with bare minimum stockpiles is having multiple source of non-interest conflicting incomes while still enjoying decent stated provided or self-purchased affordable medical and insurance coverage. He or she is basically free lancer making a decent living providing services both physically or thru internet but all managed through third party online platforms like Uber, AirBnB, Elance and so on.

In addition, Germany and Japanese’s consistency of emphasising on vocation and crafts had paid off with thousands of local companies with more than 100 to 200 years in operation and wide deployment of discipleship in variety of trades had to a large extent shielded them from the radical structural employment landscape and their pursue of excellent and attention to details are legendary at all time earning respects and providing highest ever personal gratification derive from the satisfying jobs fully stretching individual potential with inclusive system where even those at the lowest hierarchy (Bus driver, dumpster assistance, service crews, janitors and etc) had pride in what they do, enjoying a non depriving and respectful lifestyle. 

“The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play.” – Arnold J. Toynbee

In summary, China, generating the highest annual new graduates in Asia, aims to bring down skillset mismatch in the labor market as the country grapples increasing income inequality, undermining domestic consumption with social cases that have highlighted rampant unemployment, yet again, it’s notoriety as a pressure cooker society. Social incidents, in particular, sparked much soul reaching and spurred the authority to find ways to reduce the social tensions and unrealistic high monetary return expectation on tertiary education. Anxiety level is all time high with 3 decades of impressive economic progress with inevitable widening income inequality which is the characteristic of market driven markets, state level intervention to balance the growth and stability, creating a space with free market force to capitalise on the productivity and efficiency and yet having a comprehensive fundamental safety nets for the deprived and disadvantages; basic job market, housing, medical and eduction resources, preparing and giving the younger generation of Chinese best possible opportunities to thrive in the new economy with resilient, creativity, mastery of craft, appreciation of originalities, boldness, aggressiveness and ample room for navigating and trial and errors, in fact, China is already leading the way in taking advantage of the technologies and wide adoption of smartphones and with their massive domestic markets as backbone in creating unprecedented new product and services in online payments, shared rides, automated unman convenient stores, shared home-cook foods. 

Drawn to Western’s culture, Chinese Students Look beyond the Academic Pursuit Overseas

Increasing number for mainland Chinese went abroad for higher education also in anticipation of enrichment of one’s perspectives integrating both eastern and western values and culture and majority of them ended up in disappointment and despair except for the few who either gotten engaged with local spouses with in-depth interracial involvement or those who made an extraordinary effort reaching out outside of their comfort zones. Unlike most of the Indian new comers in addition to being fluent in English and of whom had been ruled by 190 years under British colonial era and many did rather well embracing both the western and Indian culture dominating now in many silicon corporations, new generation Chinese students with their thousands years strong cultural imprints had an unprecedented skillets and social resources to do better as compared to their earlier batch of Chinese laborer migrants who cluster and self-excluded themselves from the mainstream western community.

America gave the world the notion of the melting pot – an alchemical cooking device wherein diverse ethnic and religious groups voluntarily mix together, producing a new, American identity. And while critics may argue that the melting pot is a national myth, it has tenaciously informed the America’s collective imagination.— Ivan Krastev

Although grappling with new environment and challenging academic demands, average Chinese students in their late teen or early twenty lacks the social interacting know how and the necessary maturity to make an effort to experience and integrate well with the western cultures even given abundant opportunities physically. Like flock of a feature flock together, some still ended up dwelling with the same Chinese community and form ever stronger bonds within each other in the foreign lands. Finding a way to have the best of both worlds first need to establish and accept some fundamental understandings and constraints;

Mastery of language as an advantage: Strong commanding of the English as the 2nd language open doors of opportunities but largely remain as an effective communicating tool; rules of engagement with socially acceptable verbal interaction protocol are barely scrapping the surface of meaningful cultural and values exchanges with their western counterparts and has become the most ambivalent as many misunderstood being bilingual is all what its take for full cultural immersion. The fact is operating on 2nd language usually lacks of the native emotional and conscious association one expects with the mother tongue. Physiological responses such as biological fluctuation (heart beats, blood pressure and etc) only corresponding well with the main native language for primary contemplation and deduction process as suggested by Dr. Antonio Damasio whose hypothesis provides a systems-level neuroanatomical and cognitive framework for decision making and the influence on it by emotion. The key idea of this hypothesis is that decision making is a process that is influenced by marker signals that arise in bio-regulatory processes, including those that express themselves in emotions and feelings.

❝If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart.❞ ‒Nelson Mandela

Complimentary of cultural and values integration: Chinese over time has to contend with a raising trends that seeks to replace indigenous identify with a western one defined by the dominance of western history and modernization and the prolong and extensive soft influences from western drama and movies in China had given a misinterpretation of their cultures painting inaccurate impressions. Average individual simply had limited capacity in embracing the conflicts of different cultures and would be left stranded if a strong and dominant self-identify is not established firmly as one would be confused exposing to different culture in the formative years. The well-educated Chinese students nowadays had the opportunities to access literature to better comprehend western cultures even without leaving their home soils and having a realistic perspective with practical expectations would help one to better appreciate and integrate well with their foreign peers. The new American or European is no more simply defined as White Anglo-Saxon protestants but multiple ethnicity with diverse origins hold together by the common core belief such as individualism, equality, science, progress, work and leisure. 

The only true happiness lies in knowing who you are… and making peace with it—Lairell K. Hamilton

Leveraging on Bicultural modesty: In fact, the answer to meaningful bicultural is modesty. Combining both customs and cultures not unlike complimenting traditional Chinese medicine with western medical procedures, avoiding direct counteracting or harmful combination of herbs, drugs, practices and leveraging with a unique treatment embracing both methodology, positioning and exploring own preferences benefiting from their differences. Modesty is an epistemology directly opposed to the conflicting cultural effects. It means having the courage to understand that the world is too complicated to fit into only one cultural and value belief system. It means understanding there are no easy answers that can explain the big cultural difference questions or the existential problems. Progress is not made by 100% westernization and discards thousand years of Chinese values or blocking out all western elements; it’s made by finding balance between competing truths — between conservative and openness, direct and indirect, aggressive and submissive, inclusion or exclusion.

“Next to love, balance is the most important thing.” – John Wooden

 In summary. Reflecting many growing concern over their younger peer’s inability to have the right approach to take advantage of their oversea ventures for a full and meaningful in depth cultural exposures and instead shutting their doors out as stung by perceive prejudice and criticism and being overwhelmed by the fear of the uncertainties in the brand new environment, one must understand the reality and accepting the facts that there’s always going to be conflicts of both cultural values, just endless searching and adjustment one may face conflict assimilating into both cultures or finding a balance between both and having a bicultural identify  also have positive effects on the individual, in terms of the additional knowledge they acquire from belonging to more than one culture. Strong commanding of the English is an advantage but not prerequisite for an effective cultural exchanges and exposures, the key is modesty of being unassuming and making an efforts to be influenced by the biological and social norms of shared behaviors and customs learning from the institutions and most importantly the mainstream locals.

We are more often frightened than hurt; and we suffer more from imagination than from reality. —-Lucius Annaeus Seneca

The 2500 Years Old  Evolving Chinese Culture

The strength of Chinese culture lies in the thousands of years of history, integrating all the wisdom and covers a large geographical region in eastern Asia with customs and traditions varying greatly but all with a strong common trait of number one priority on economic progression, it represents the realities of everyday life in China striving to move up the levels in the Maslow hierarchy of needs through peaceful means, however just Like Yin and Yang and having both sides of a coin, the opposite of being culturalized is militarized, a way simply resort to using jungle survival mindset to fight for resources; usually the mightier one win all, therefore culturalized is being promoted by scholars and emperors since day 1 for a civil and fairer  way of managing the vast land of China from dynasty to dynasty and although from time to time, one regime will be toppled and replaced by another authoritative one by force especially when peoples go hungry and angry due to natural calamity or abusive and incapable government of the time.

Yin and yang, male and female, strong and weak, rigid and tender, heaven and earth, light and darkness, thunder and lightning, cold and warmth, good and evil…the interplay of opposite principles constitutes the universe. —Confucius

Although westernization (American lifestyle) and foreign influences (Korean pop cultures) threat represents an ironic twist to the challenge to Chinese culture, associated with modernity and diversification of which  could be dealt with by deploying the cultural resources of a Chinese rooted in family and language. One advantage of Chinese culture is flexibility and pragmatism; for example, hundreds of millions of Chinese migrants adopting with the needs of the times in dress, behaviors and thoughts usually avoiding being inimical to the host countries as Chinese cultures that are anchored in economic activities only would likely drives up the local property prices but nothing else in the sensitive politics and religion arena. Often, the robust and resilient Chinese culture would embrace and even colonize or rather culturalized any incoming foreign cultures.

“Whoever controls the media, the images, controls the culture.” ― Allen Ginsberg

Fast forward to modern days, there are probably 3 new perspectives for examining the evolving Chinese cultures; 1. Relationship Management 2. Culture Nurturing 3. Increasingly spilled over undesirable cultural influences from online platform  

Cultural Relationships: Chinese culture is simply the relationship management between individuals, cohorts, department, organization to even countries, specified engagement protocol in a civil manner to achieve common objectives. Certain practices continue to play dominant roles in average Chinese family such as filial piety and sense of shame. Most would go all out to have son heir to carry on the family name and spare no efforts on children education to give them heads up in the competitive world.

Cultural Nurturing: Cultures had to be managed to remain relevant as anything that mankind created had inherent flaws including the cultural system which could had gone astray if left unchecked such as the cultural revolution in the 60s where brute forces were deployed in one of the largest social experiment ever occurred in recent history. As mentioned earlier people naturally resort to aggression by instincts and therefore it is critical for proper cultural elements to be inculcated, promoted and encouraged systematically to safeguard humanity and bringing up the best self in everyone for the collective benefits of all. One for all and all for one, sacrificing in the name of society good is praised and encouraged upon for example. 

Online Cultural Corrosion Proliferation: Sense of shame, once a cornerstone of the Chinese culture, has taken a big blow in public esteem as the wealth pursued in an unprecedented way in scope and depth is the new religion in China which resulted in wide spread foods safety compromises and scamming operators, many had also taken prides in breaching the rules and regulation and getting away just because it can be done as the social media platform serves as echo chamber encouraging and bringing up the “negative” side of anyone instead of promoting the best behaviors and conducts.  

As the online avenues increasingly becoming the new opium of the masses in a way many social scientists had yet to fully comprehend, the negative self fulfilling prophecy of mistrust of authority, sense of despairs, escalating perception of insecurity, despaired of losing out, targeted profile based massive online influences and the commercialization for profits maximization the way traditional public media had shaped our sense of identity and moral value but this time perhaps multiple times more influential online all had generated a new face of mainstream cultural values of embracing “post truth” and rather extreme values not unlike thousands of self radicalized misled ISIS sympathizers taking matters into their own hand. The misguided online influences had reinforced and proliferated to offline and represent an imminent challenges to the Authority.  

In summary, 文化 in Chinese character literally means active cultural and civil manners inculcation and its something that need to be managed then rather left alone as people would had a tendency to bully others to get around without these predetermined relationship management protocol and online free running self-radicalization and empty chambers had begun to shape the mainstream Chinese cultures where many Chinese took pride in, When the society see wide spread social ills due to changing cultural values, its time for collective efforts to safeguard and steer the dynamic values to the right directions aligning to the general Chinese Confucius propaganda emphasizing primary on Loyalty, Filial Piety, Benevolence, Love, Courtesy, Righteousness, Probity, Sense of Shame since more than 2500 years ago.  Grappling with the highly influential and flammable, having a life of its own dynamic viral non traditional online mass media, its everyone responsibility to preserve the core values of these traits which promote a fundamental moral values framework for individuals, family, organization to even country for the years to come. 

Cracks Appearing in Chinese Confidence on Local Health System

Closed to 500,000 Chinese national alone in 2016 represented over 5 times the number just a year before had patronized Japanese medical service providers well known for their solid reputation, trustworthiness and advancement in medical standards from supplements, consultation to treatments, contributing over 90% of total medical tourists arrivals in Japan. On the other hand, Japanese Government and the operators have swept into this new source of much needed medical tourism revenues with comprehensive packages that targeted the individual and their extended family needs; from expediting visiting visa facilitation, integrating holidays and shopping arrangement to translating services and hotel booking for the accompanying sizable family members that’s come along with the patients from China. This recent exodus of Chinese currency to Japanese medical industry also highlighted the following developments;

Dramatic Sharp Demographic Impact of the medical consumption from China in Japan has to safeguard local Japanese’s interests as it’s not uncommon for China to throw her weight around manipulating neighboring countries simply with her sheer scale of economic influence and collective consuming behaviors to her own advantages from time to time; from limiting the influences of Korean soft cultures (restriction of Korean drama and artists), controlling the outflow of capital and boycotting specified imports (American beef) or business enterprises (Korean’s Lotte marts) and so on. Nevertheless, Chinese nationals and corporation arriving in the foreign regions is not immune to display of distrusts and snares of domestics residents as they had a significant impact to the local livelihood; from soaring property prices to buying out of local businesses, simply due to Chinese deep pockets which often benefited only the local assets owners and interests group but not the ordinary residents which had to compete with the foreign players for limited resources. In other words, Japanese business needs to be vigilant in managing this enormous rise in medical services and product demands from China as not to compromise the existing high standards to their dormant local markets while capturing the new stream of revenues, as Chinese RMB can disappear as fast as they emerges with dynamic changes in the Chinese policy.

Increasingly influential lifestyle seeking alternatives Chinese medical industry, once a cornerstone of the Chinese superiority, with thousands of years in field application integrating both the best approach from both traditional Chinese medicine and western practices has taken a big hit in public esteem fallen victims to malpractice of profit driven unscrupulous operators preying on the mass market increasingly through exaggerating claims on mainstream media including online advertisements where mishaps were subsequently exposed by keyboards warrior netizens disproportionately despite the facts that many other proper operators had done a decent job improving the wellness of the millions, being influenced with the biased comments and opinions, those with financial resources will not hesitate to seek out overseas alternatives and the less privileged one would go all the way to borrow desperately to send their love ones abroad for treatments and ended up in heavy debts creating hardships for the family for years to come.

Deep mistrust of fair allocation of medical resources Incessant Isolated social incidents of medical negligence, bribery and abusive behaviors among patients and medical professionals highlighted the lack of transparencies and low faiths between the services providers and recipients.  Gives a glimpse of the anxieties and discontents the patients and families faces daily in seeking treatments; exceptionally long wait, fear of mistreatment and exorbitant charges. Moreover, local anxiety can be easily triggered through ill intended social manipulation as many regarded the free reining social media platform as an exclusive window to current affairs, giving them false and biased perspectives and this new phenomena is common everywhere else.

In summary, along the way, many Chinese, buoyed by rising incomes, developed a sense of mistrust of the authority and after 3 decades of impressive economic growth, the influential Chinese have become increasingly assertive on the level of medical services at home. All eyes on nuts and bolts of china’s medical reform agenda for an efficient and cost effective medical system to cater for the rising needs of the huge aging population and increasingly life style related illnesses.  Society owes it to its own sanity to encourage and facilitate fair medical practice in both the public and private segments.  Yet, this is not an answer unless Government overhaul the medical industries restoring the much needed faiths and confident. However, but, for the most part, many are increasingly appear to respond to Chinese financial influx with gratitude as people learn to embrace the new rising super power in this century with open arms although it takes time to adjust to the new reality.