Why You Should Insist Tagging Along to Your Spouse Class Reunion Gathering

We are at the cross-roads of technological changes, which present both opportunities and risks to our marriage life. Social protocol had been radically altered thanks to rampant usage of social media networking and proliferation of internet enable devices into our palms and it pays to keep thing very close to the vest to avoid paying the hefty price of relationship crisis. Yes, I am referring to how Facebook had penetrated our daily routine and becoming an indispensable addictive networking tool. Making friends was never this easy and getting reacquainted with grade school classmates are as simple and effortless as you ever could imagined..

So, when my spouse was tagged and invited to attend a junior high school class reunion, I knew I am in troubles if I chose the easy way out to stay at home and to keep my gadget and beers company. She is going to meet people that mostly belongs to her earlier times era without any of my involvements and as a results I made the difficult but correct decision in tagging along with her to the dinner with 3 powerful and practical reasons. 1. To use myself as a preemptive strike by showing around myself to her potentially competitive male friends, many affairs did started among old classmates who might had an unannounced crush on each other 2. To map out the social networking links and connecting the dots to stay on top of things. 3. To make an impression things are well taken care of to others to score points.

1. Reports around the globe had cited increasing rate of divorce and break-up blaming Facebook as one of the contributing factor and school reunion will probably bring the likelihood up a notch or two. Wide adoption of social networking media on handheld devices had totally revolutionize the protocol of engagement of hidden relations as it was never this easy to catch up with old flames or nurturing a relationship online without the traditional physical constraints. As there pretty nothing much can be done online, at least being actually present at the social reunion demonstrated to everyone my commitment to my spouse as people would see it with their own eyes and would relinquish any potential intention of crossing the line online or offline.

2. Networking was never this transparent and scientific, one can have a complicated network mesh where up to 3 level degree of social step can have an astounding comprehensive values one ever even realized. It pays to at least understood the skeleton structure of your spouse network structure by having casual talks at the reunion and pays close attention to others who might be the key catalyst individual in this network cell, especially when one is under influence of alcohol beverage, a different perspective could be exposed and studied.

3. Perception are important sometimes and it was never probably more important to make a perfect show at junior high school reunion in regardless of the actual situation. We are mostly competitive in nature, we compete and compare for grades, jobs, spouse, houses, children, health, wealth and so on bench marking it with our peers either consciously and mostly deep within our thoughts. I am surprised all of the male attendee had perfect hair quality and realized that they must had like me dyed the hair before the event. Needless to say, All ladies dressed to kill trying to impress one another. To present at your spouse class reunion and behave appropriately score big in your favor and you never know when you need it in future. Me and my wife are the winner that evening as she is the only one who brought her spouse along.

In summary, its the same old thing about maintaining loving relationship in marriage, its need the critical elements of love and loyalty among other things. Staying in a happy marriage carries tons of benefits in terms of well-being, quality of life, economic of scale and the wholeness we all need. With the widely adoption of new technology of Facebook, twitter, Msn, SMS, Skype and more coming we ought to embrace them head on, understand it and use it to our advantages to work hard to fight to preserve our marriage at all cost especially if you are a man approaching 40 with kids. This actually do worth the time and energy for you to invest in as the returns are usually almost guaranteed much higher than any of the others so call investment tools.


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