Top 3 Fears Asian Women Had About Their Marriage

A recent survey was carried out getting married women to rate their top ten fears they had about their marriages which could had contributing influences to the downward trends of  younger people taking their vows to each others.  Its pays for sisters to understand the rationales behind these fears and what are the actions can be taken to prevent them from happening on you.  Like sickness, prevention is better than cure but one seldom 100% heals from a rescued relationship crisis as the after effects seemed to linger around becoming occasionally more vivid and worst of with time. Taking number 1 spot is the spouse’s persistent vices like drinking and gambling and so on. Secondly is the all time adultery mostly committed by man with increasing reported incident of wives fallen into this as well. Last but not least is the unreasonable demanding personality.

Most of the men I know of had some sort of bad habits, most wouldn’t led to breaking up  but excessive  and out of control  vices like gambling, substance abuse including drugs and alcohol consumption can led to serious complication of  preventable financial downfall and  household physical violent.  If we were to grasp the true nature of the potential damages these vices can cause, sisters should open their eyes wide open on the man exhibiting these symptoms before letting them taking your hands. Tell tale signs are single parent family background, abusive parents and one test is to subject him to influence of alcohol and gauge his behaviors under intoxication or just simply pay attention to his driving habits under intense pressure like massive jam or rude encounters and only choose those who manage to exhibit good natures. Try not making the naive pledges to change him as statistical speaking characters and personalities can’t be easily altered.

As the old saying goes, “Good marriage needs loyalty and love.” Nothing beats a loyal and dedicated man in the household in an enviable marriage. Nevertheless, we didn’t seem to lack of man who get caught in the adultery act and had his family ruined complicating everyone related. Women rarely understand its full implication of broken family and most demonstrating a striking lack of cautions in taking preventive steps capitalizing in ladies greatest assets in full-filling man overwhelming desires of flesh in love and security of marriage. One should also pursue elegant of feminine presentation to fuel the ego of man. Sisters need to understand man is inherently totally different species from themselves. The extent of what is wanted from wives or mothers on romances, attentions and caring from their man are the same as what guy wanted from their counterparts in flesh desire.  Man simply needs to feel he is the man of the family, given appropriate respects especially in-front of friends and relatives, always making sure the man primary needs are well taken care of. A hungry and disrespected man is a dangerous man.

Man is the creatures of habits and some do have intolerable unreasonable behaviors that can strains relationship such as excessive suspicious, accusing, cursing and picking faults and so on. These are usually individualistic patterns developed over time and can be moderately tuned down through behavior modeling but one must be committed and start early, contrary to popular belief, most of the improper behaviors are being breed and tolerated incrementally unknowingly. Man can be trained like a dog by instant rewarding on their desired behaviors either thought compliments or other appealing services and products. Focusing on the positive reinforcement rather than whining and complaining constantly. Sometimes, thanks for ladies superior memorizing capacity, with some pinch of imagination, a past incident could be worsening with times in remembering, self inflating on the unhappiness elements of it, theory developed, details being fleshed out and played over and over again in the mind, adding unaccountable blaming and so on especially on open ended issues without proper closures with alternative arrangement, apologies and serious talks. The best policy is to settle any arguments by the end of the day rather than leave it in suspense collecting unwanted multiplying blaming interests.

In summary, with increasing divorces and breaking up rate. Most of the contributing factors are more or less common between different couples, by focusing on the top 3 types and taking precautionary and preventive steps, one overall well being can be protected, after all, separating isn’t economical and some even carries hefty price tags. Sometimes the best gifts we can part to our children to carry on with their own life is a strong, healthy and loving breeding ground and this is indeed priceless and worth the efforts.

P/S: Other categories of what women fears are as follows

4. Communication breakdown between couple
5. Man’s Business failures/jobless
6. Financial constraints in family
7. Not bearing son to carry on the family name
8. Getting old and unattractive
9. Staying with In-law
10. Disobedient children

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