Which Places Had The Best Civic Mindedness?

Those who well traveled around the world had first hand encounters the level of civic mindedness among different places and people. There are couple of stereotyping and interesting phenomena worth mentioning for you to confirm when the opportunities present itself. One easy way to gauge the level of civic mindedness is in public area in the home country on the cleanliness, orderly and noises levels. Another rather insider way is to gather feedback from service providers on their encounters with their variety background of customers, place like hotels and retail shops.

Ranking number 1 is Japan follow by Germany and wrapped up with Korea and China respectively. General speaking Japanese at home or around the world do their country proud with their superior mindset of not giving troubles to others. For example, its rude to talk on the phones in public places such as trains and in an elevator and if absolutely needed, one will do it discreetly. Most Japanese road users also seldom engage their blasting hones on their automobiles even if someone is cutting in their lane without signalling and rather aggressively. Ask any housekeepers of Hotels, Japanese are their number 1 favorite guests as the hotel rooms they had stayed and checked out looks basically unused and undisturbed.

Germany is not restricted to their popularity in automobile excellency but also their high level of self-discipline and the relentless persistence on precision, many first timers are shocked to find out that there are no entrance for ticket endorsement for the transit system in Germany, its very much self-discipline self tickets dispensing style based on a honesty system with minimal safeguards on random spot check for cheating. The system place high level of trust on individual and its a disgrace to short changed the system as they understood the larger benefits of things for one another in the country.  One also could not  find any rubbish chute in the mountains as all travelers are encourage to packed their own refuses back rather than discarding them in the mountain top generating tons of wastes and requires efforts to bring them down for disposal.

Wrapping up on the last spot is Chinese, you see them everywhere thanks for the strengthening of Yuan and increasing influential lifestyle. They are known for excessive loud talking on to the mobile phone, not following instructions at tourist attractions and seemingly constantly in heated argument with one another. One must understand the sheer size of China, we are actually talking about 2 category of cultured, modern, advance and well off along the coastal area as compared to the worst off, still developing mainly agriculture central China. It takes time for the critical mass to reach mainstream, and by then,  Chinese will be one of the Top 5 people with high standard of civic mindedness.

In Summary, stereotyping often carries some element of bias and errors but to certain degree do carry some distinct characteristics that’s are races and demographic dependent. Its important to understand its the cultures and upbringing that’s make the forms and shapes of an individual but deep down, we are all the same, seeking approval and sense of significant. Its the environment you are in that determines your behaviors, in fast pace, highly dense and competitive places where everyone seemed like running out of time, people tends to be rude and inconsiderate to one another, the same characters can be a kind good and helpful individual if they are placed in a more relaxing atmosphere.

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