Illusion of Happiness

Change your perspective, you can change your life as a popular morning talk show had elaborate again and again every single day. Pursuit of happiness becomes our one and only one mission despite the overwhelming steep price that tag along. First thing first, the universal definition of happiness is non in existence and cant really be benchmark with a standard exam or any other index like GDP or GNH in a meaningful way and yet it’s the most common topic that pop up in our daily conversation. Nevertheless, there are 3 myths that we can explore to gain insights on happiness and in return become happier just by embracing and accepting the fundamental true nature of ourselves; Comparison with peers, Challenges in life and influences of branding.

Ever wonder why some people just got to enjoy the preferential business class treatments? More spacious leg, head and sitting room, better foods and beverages and served by higher ranking air stewardess or steward. The airline operators make sure the economy class ticket holders got a clear glimpse of what a difference a long distance miserable traveling can be if you are stuck in the third class. This is how comparison work it wonders in commercialized world. It’s our nature to compare what others got instead of focusing of what you had gotten on your plate, rather than enjoying what we already had, good wife, a roof over our head, normal children, reasonable rides, decent payroll and yet we obsessed ourselves by comparing what our neighbors got. We ought to consciously compare down and silently count our blessings if we can’t overcome our God given human nature of taking reference. What you don’t know cant hurt you, if the business class preferential treatment upset you, wait until you find out what’s going on behind the close curtain of first class cabin.

Ever stumble across a 10 years old reader digest and found out the golden articles about families, relationship, career and health are time proof as if it’s the fresh edition just rolled out from the press machine, the only tell tale sign is probably the film based legacy SLR Nikon camera which was indeed gone with the wind and End of Life. Most of our problems hindering us from achieving happiness in life are more or less the same, yours problems are not unique and it was probably researched upon and published in some behavior organization textbooks. The sermon delivered in the place of worship always carries the same fundamental messages with some contemporary additions. We probably overly obsess with problems on hand, it could be children upbringing, deteriorating relationship and health, careers that grown stale and stagnant, no matter how serious is the condition, it will be over with time, the reverse also hold. Time sometimes is the best currency in life. Happiness is something that can be preserve and consistently applied while we going through the common problems we all have to face one way or the other. Meaning one can truly be happy in both good and bad times.

Advertisement is a big business and consumer spending habit was analyzed scientifically and put into application and we are indeed being manipulated to the extent our level of happiness is being hold hostage by the advertiser’s pitch line. Ditch the rusty old car and get yourself a “Ultimate Driving Machine” BMW, Overspent at a “The Antidote for Civilization” family trip at club Med, upgraded to the latest smart phone to “Reach out and Touch Someone” with AT&T and jog in the “Just Do it” high end running shoes, drink only “Evian” bottle waters and clad in branded clothes. We seemed to be happier if we aligned and identified ourselves with these branded merchandise. These things probably carry superior quality and value for money. One should value them for the superior quality instead of the prestigious images the branded good had to offer and we ought not to be have our level of happiness tied with it wholeheartedly.

An individual with full confidence and enlightened mindset carries as much positive images as the hardware. A overpriced luxuries watches or handbags are good accessories to amplify the effect but it should hold secondary priority if one really think it helps on self-confidence boosting. Our level of happiness is software driven rather than hardware.

In summary, to be happy is a state of mind, it can be managed to our own advantages regardless of the situations. Refrain from comparing excessively, face and process any non-stop challenges life most probably throw at you, remember to put it down after closure and last but not least, work and invest on the software of soul, wisdom and knowledge and place material branded possessions in the lower priority. Change your perspective, you can indeed change your life and be happy.


Uncle Garfield Enjoys His Daily Coffee at Charlie Brown Cafe, Singapore

Charlie Brown Café at 313@Somerset shopping mall, located at prime shopping area at Orchard Road, Singapore, offers a distinctive mid-market food and lifestyle retail and beverage destinations set in an environment where a unique sensitivity and approach to customer service creates a refreshingly different experience.

Charlie Brown Café is the first Peanuts Comic Strip themed café in South East Asia. This flagship cafe is tactfully decorated with lovely Peanuts characters sculptures and collector’s items. Welcome to enjoy food and beverage as offered by Charlie Brown Café , we offer you a slice of your childhood memory! Address: 313 Orchard Road, #01-25/25A (Discovery Walk) Singapore 238895 Tel: +65 6836 5344 Fax: +65 6547 4735 Email:


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