Simplest Joys Anyone Can Enjoy

Ever wonder what should be the appropriate price to pay to attain happiness in life?  the fact is that happiness is probably too vague to be applied here as it actually means different things for individuals. Having some monetary income bench mark is the usual way to gauge yourself among your peers but applying statistic to income is itself wasn’t nearly the same as finding out the average height or waist line of an adult man and it’s often misleading and used by authority to assure you are in good hands. We probably should focus on the simple joys we can lay our hands on instead while pursuing our self-defined happiness.

The simplest joys sometimes are surprising simple and we often neglect them due to increasing pressure from society’s norm and expectations of others. OK, this wasn’t actually adhering to the legacy “Maslow Law of Needs” but these joys are the fundamental building blocks and should be preserved and enhanced to the highest quality as possible.

The simplest Joys are fundamental free for almost all of us. You probably already knew about them, there are high quality sleep, satisfying foods and meaningful labor.

Many of us suffering from sleep deprivation nowadays thanks to the vibrant and exciting night activities, interesting TV program, insatiable world news and so on, the city never sleeps crept itself into our household and it’s not uncommon to hear couple’s private and intimate nightlife affairs were disrupted by the almighty powerful Smartphone, classical bed time readings were replaced by live colorful contents not to mention the unstoppable work or personal emails keep piping in like there is no tomorrow. Compulsive irrational behavior of constantly “playing” with the palm size gadget is increasing becoming the norm. A good quality night of rest is becoming more challenging to achieve  unless one establish strict ground rules of no excessive distracting activities could be allowed in the bedroom and actually adhere to it.

Insomnia is probably the worst thing one can expect, counting sheep occasionally didn’t do the trick, try counting your blessing instead. The fact is having a good nigh rest more or less guarantee best performance the next day physically and mentally. It’s the ideal defense mechanism against any mistakes or negative thoughts creeping in. Nothing beat the brief elated moment when one open the eyes after a restful sleep knowing one is fully charged for the days wonderful adventures.

Foods are not just fuel but an opportunity of nourishment for both physical and soul well being, try remembering the last perfect dinner you had with a great company?  It’s represent an important element of good morale and spirit. Taking in the nicely decorated and tastefully arrange plate of foods, breathing in the appealing aroma of the gourmet, chewing patiently on each scoop, feeling the richness in textures, wash them down with your favorite beverages, feel the warmth of the foods fueling you up, life couldn’t  get any better than this.

However, being in the competitive environment, business are into affairs of being faster, bigger and better had compel us to overlook indulging in a decent meal, Instead we focus more on selection of words during a conversation over lunch, finishing up the food in a hurry to clear the table for other anxiously waiting patrons, worrying about what to have for the next meal and complete the whole plate of food with less than the ideal 30 “chew up” bite. Eating out alone where one can afford to pay undivided attention to the deserving meals is not an easy thing to do for the average person, having a satisfying meal for the sake of it had becoming increasingly unattainable.  A word of advice from the old wise man carries the element of truth; preserve a good set of teeth as it might be the only limited source if joys when one enter the wonder years of senile age group.

The last joy is meaningful labor, most of us need to earn a living by working for others, one of the key elements of meaningful life is define as being able to contribute no matter the actual amount, having the “Sense of Significant” is the key. Finding a perfect job is everybody dream but the fact is majority of us will settle with whatever we come across and hang on to it especially when family and financial obligation are in the picture but this shouldn’t  restrict us from having positive attitude  in our line of works. Try employing the 3 elements of E daily on our daily chores and work; Energy, Excitement and Enthusiasm. Daily labor can be as enlightening and joyous as we know we do play a part in the larger scheme of life just by fulfilling our work diligently, taken care of the family and treat strangers with basic good manners.

Think of ourselves as candles, their soles purpose it to be lighted up and shine up others and in the progress it will be used up as part of energy transformation from one shape to the others. Sheer joy is knowing that we are doing our parts by lighting up others people life, they can be anyone, classmates, families, colleagues, relative, strangers and so on.  We are after all mortal in nature as the limited shelf life of candles and we should serve with purpose wholeheartedly.

In conclusion, attaining the 3 major simplest joys are as simple as setting the right frame of mind and applying it.

P/S: Uncle Garfied enjoys his regular breaks at Charlie Brown Cafe


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