3 Reasons Why You Should Invest On Yourself

A survey was carried out to check on percentage of people using their contemporary 3G smart phone for content consumption to kill boredom across different age group, all categories uses them daily extensively or rather obsessively except for the one above 62 years of age. Closer examination reveals higher level of wisdom do normally comes with age as they are the one nearing the end and know what to prioritize with their limited days.  After all, why be so curious about others people seemingly private life where you had your own one to manage. In addition, It didn’t help with the wide proliferation of social media networking, the line between private and public profile had been intentionally removed and now you can even get updates what your friends and colleagues are having for breakfast and catch a glimpse of his online shopping profile. All these at your fingertips courtesy of business operators aggregating your and others personal digital profiles for their ultimate business profits. There are prices to be paid eventually one way or another for all the wonderful features you are enjoying now.

One key contributing factors to this new phenomena was the lack of investment on oneself, individuals just looking for the best way to feel satisfactory, either through materials pursuit, Internet addition(Yes, excessive online social networking is considered one), over working or substance abuses like alcohol or drugs. Obviously, one way to avoid this is to invest on yourself heavily. There are essentially 3 major reasons why one should not hesitate to pour resources in self-investing as the returns are almost guaranteed meeting or exceeding your expectations. Invest on hobbies, as they can bring you fulfillment, Invest on your health, as it can maximize the full potential of your body, last but not least, invest on your relationship with family and friends as these are the things that really matter the most eventually.

Some of us have the luxury or luck to locate the dream jobs, doing what we passionate about and achieve excellency through it and being inspired and respected by others being the expertise on what we do for a living, but in reality, majority of working adults didn’t have the chance or what it takes to follow this golden rule of success. However, the main bulk of our spare time beside work consisted 70% of our useful and productive adulthood and we ought to use them wisely to invest on our hobbies. For some, it could be gardening, needle pointing, music instruments playing, sports and so on, for me, its reading habit I picked up from my dad since young. My urge of splurging on non essential materials possession like designer watches, clothes and so on just couldn’t be turned on anymore when I know I had some good reading materials with me where I can spend the whole afternoon by myself devouring them.

Most of us didn’t really spend enough investing on our physical body, keeping ourselves in good condition with good lifestyle carries multiple benefits, its positive self-image enhancement, feeling great about yourself, giving one as much productive hours as possible, prevention of potential illness, enjoying the foods, sleeping well and so on. Nothing beats beginning a day with great enthusiasm and high level of energy for work, family or leisure. By allocating more resources now to be healthier should be on everybody agenda. Resources such as healthier foods, supplements, regular exercises cost time and money. Investing in them by packing your own meals at home, choosing more expensive and healthier food choice such as salad and non fast food category, taking vitamins supplements, commit a slot of your time for regular exercises. Everyone  had gotten the same 24 hours a day, some other things need to be given up to make time for this investment.

Lastly, all relationship needs some forms of investment, mainly emotionally and time, nobody cares what positions you held or how much you made when one life is nearing the end, but they do pay attention have one actually maintained and invested on good relationship with the family members and friends. Good relationship was scientifically proven to be positive contributing elements of healthy and well balance life. Everyone  should try their best to leave a decent legacy behind by spending reasonable quality and quantity time where it matter  the most; aging and needful parents, mid life and insecure spouse, young and innocent children, entry level and panicking colleagues and so on. Various stages in our life demands different priorities and one shouldn’t hesitate  too much in investing on them with your resources, either time, money or compassion. Online social networking is one good tool to harness relationship but it shouldn’t be the only way, having hundreds or thousands of friends on the list didn’t really means anything as an average person couldn’t handle more than couple of dozen friends which really matters.

In a nutshell, investing on yourself on the things that’s matters the most almost guarantees handsome payoff, visualize yourself as a healthy individual both physically and emotionally, working hard but not too obsessive to provide for the family and contributing to the community, keeping a reasonable distance away from office politics, keeping that ego in check, spending moderately only on the essentials, always had couple of hobbies to keep you occupied at spare time, constantly sharing with others what great relationship you have with your spouses, parents, in-law, sibling and children. Your identify should not be restricted solely on your position hold in a company or what you do for a living, it should also include admirable profile such as great dad, lovely husband, filial child, helpful volunteers, cheerful and God fearing individual. Imagine one day when the network is down or the highly addictive, influential social networking site closes down, what would then be our values in the eyes of others and more importantly in yourself?

Uncle Garfield enjoys his coffee break at Charlie Brown Cafe-Orchard Road




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