What Can we Possibly Learn From Animals

Have you ever come across someone just resemble a specified type of animal in terms of characters and personality? The playful grandfather putting up monkey faces with the adorable grandchildren. The middle age hard working father who put in all the efforts without whining as an Ox to provide for his family? Stereotyping speaking, we all take after animals traits in our mortal life. We could probably learn a thing or two studying from them to benefit ourselves to maximize our impact and legacy we are leaving behind.

It is rather striking to observe how people changes in different stages of their life. The distinctive animal natures can be rather effective for painlessly driving home a serious point, once an individual had accomplished all the world could ever reasonably demand of him or her, new and different nature of challenges always descended upon them. There are 3 main category we can examine. The innocent and carefree childhood years like a pig followed by demanding and hard working life as an OX and ended with our greying years guarding the door like the dog

Contradicts to popular belief, pig are lazy but powerful, intelligent Human-like in every way. Pigs are raised for meat consumption and the fact that they are well taken care of fits nicely with the growing up years where extended years of nurturing and grooming are inevitable before one can be productive and be on their own not unlike some of the other animals. Most often than not Parents used up most of their resources to provide for the young offspring. These are the best years where one get all the attentions and cuddling establishing strong faith and emotional ties with one another.

Middle age people mostly had heavy financial commitment. Everybody demands a bite of the cherry of them in this stage. Ranging from the aging and needful parent, the school going children, the demanding spouse, the uncompromising superiors and so on. Most Seemed unaware of the approaching storm until its had taken its toll. The no nonsense attitude of a hard working Ox describe nicely in this aspect, putting in the extra efforts to put bread on the family table for everyone, not a single words of complaints and takes on these providers roles with pride and honor so long the main duties to provide for the family are fulfilled even it means being despised and look-down by others in the dog eats dog world, holding on to an uninterested job for the sake of being on the payroll, putting off the inspiration to achieve their own dreams. Ox had a larger purpose to fulfill and can’t be too self-centered anymore.

Perspective changes in last stage of our remaining day and things become so much clearer in hindsight,  we tend to value time more than money as time as a rare resource to be dispensed and given away without prudent consideration is strictly prohibited. Most of us become instantly friendly and emotionally attach with our family members as we started counting our days and wanted to leave a reasonable decent legacy behind as much as possible by putting up playful characters such as monkey to attract attentions. It is at this stage grandparents seemed to click very well with the little one as both enjoyed and needed each other company. Children needs extraordinary attention where only the dogs and monkey had the patient and tricks to provide where Ox is too serious and busy making money. Sometimes one need to be called upon to help out in running the household errands including guarding the house for their children like an obedient and faithful dog, making themselves useful and helpful again.

Not disgracing anyone in any particular phases associated with the animals, but our long life cycle do had different challenges, from being a pig who is well taken care of to a diligent working Ox honoring himself by providing for the family and ended up as a guarding dog keeping an eye on the empty house and humbling down as an interesting monkey to make emotional connections with the children, it pays to know the rationale behind it and accept it gracefully and make ourselves a blessing to our loved one by switching between the roles of pig, ox and dog accordingly to the situation seamlessly. They are all working together to make our life long journey a fruitful and meaningful one.


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