Social Media Networking Addiction Withdrawal Symptom

“Never leaves home without it” not necessary refers to plastic anymore, when was the last time your left your almighty smartphone at home and you just feel all of a sudden “insecure” and “Naked”? It rings bells with many of us thanks for the advance wider third generation network coverage and the increasingly affordable and innovative Internet connected mobile phones…almost everyone is accessing the world wide web constantly nowadays, 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Structure do determine behaviors. The window to the world used to be restricted to a terminal connected through a fix cable, on the specified desk and chair. One can choose to walk away to catch a break and engage in eye to eye non electronic disruptive conversation with others. At least, one didn’t expect to return emails after work and the only mode of communication restricted to the good old phone calls and that usually catered only for urgent matters.

Technology itself is neutral but the way it changes our well being need to be examined as it could be undesirable. Social media networking fall into this category as it totally change the rules of engagements in our social well being and it keep testing to the limits of our moral fibers. What are the major challenges and what can we do about it?

Firstly, the highly priced privacy of the bedroom had been invaded with electronic gadgets. its not uncommon to observe the relationship of a couple  takes a toll when respective spouse busy updating and checking their favorite social media sites cutting back on the actual face time slots with one another. Some could be discreetly flirting with girlfriends even right in-front of the spouse physically. This new phenomena had also extended to formal sit down session either tea break or meal times where one had to make an effort to engage in actual eye to eye conversation which includes listening, observing and expressing one’s thoughts and ideas, there always someone in the group just engrossing in dealing with the  virtual world refusing to put the mobile phone away.  One had only so many hours per day, the more time one used wondering in the virtual world, the less time remains to deal with the peoples that actually matters. People like peers, colleagues and family members.

Social media networking is a massive giant business, getting people to get hooked virtually at no cost to the operator at all, constantly generating new features to entice the “stickiness” of the platform, in doing so, some traditional  boundaries were crossed and most had no clues how to manage it. Father getting “invites” from their children’s peers easily couple of decades younger, professional held certain sensitive patient related discussion and expressing their private views online not knowing that there are tons of eyes and ears in the platform and confidentiality can be compromised. There is a reason why tabloids are doing well, people inherently had this curiosity and tendency to be nosy about other people affairs and social media platform had been adding fuels feeding all of ours addiction like’s there is no tomorrow.

As a matter of fact, most of us had social friends in three classical categories; Schools, Works and Community and we normally interact with our peers of the same generation. Social networking had mixed them all up altogether and peoples are helpless in resisting the instant gratification of instant updating of status, expressing of thoughts, checking in the location, sharing others where had you done your online shopping lately, disclosing what you had for dinners and so on.  Not discrediting the extensive social media network does help tremendously to get one to be reconnected with long lost friends and other commercial application but one do need to be prudent in using it, after all, there isn’t free lunch out there and one needs to pays back somehow; either by lowering down on the level of preferred privacy or by sharing out your personal profiles just to name a few.

Social media networking is changing the landscape of social networking with one another, we ought to be careful about the usage and set boundaries at least within the household; establishing limited time for accessing the internet, no gadgets on dining table, in the bedroom and the best is to turn off the internet accessibility and just keep the phone line open for emergencies.  Like substance abuses removal, we get agitated and uneasy at the beginning but if we continue the routine for at least couple of more days, one will develop new habit of not accessing the internet and life will go back to normal for good; More time for your children, enjoy higher quality communication with your spouse, actually finish reading the newspaper in print, finish the meals with all family members interacts with one another physically, watch a show uninterrupted and most importantly, you are setting an actual example as a role model to your children so they wont get to deeply addicted. After all, the high number of “likes” and “friends” in your social media profile didn’t necessary means that you are more popular and more sociable then before, its just an illusion the operators wanted you to have so they can keep taking advantages of collecting your digital footprints in all aspects of your life and use them to generate revenues in a creative ways.

In Summary, all things are good in moderate amount, excessive and highly addictive social media networking exposure could led to unknown undesirable outcomes and its pays to establish boundaries just in case for the benefits of yourself and your love one who really matter. Sometimes, we need some privacy to ourselves and some empty room for our imagination to work its wonders..


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