What You Don’t Know, Won’t Hurt You

It’s interesting to observe average people like you and me take comforts and hidden sense of satisfaction in others misery while felt upset and pinch of jealousy on their relative success. Although we do not acknowledge this but the fact is most of us take great measure to find out how others especially on the peers on how are they doing in their careers and families for self benchmarking, always sizing up each others on their physical appearance, their titles, their rides, their children and the schools they attending as if these are the absolute parameters one should use to judge their progress on the pursuit of wealth and well being.

Sometimes, we should take care of our own physical and emotional needs as the first priority and make an effort not to get to know what’s are going on in others, for example if one didn’t know the actual asking price of a piece of a Swiss made watch, it had no impact on you as you would had judged an individual with his or her own altitudes and manners rather than by the accessories. Some merchandizes are geared toward differentiation on social status, like a high end continental ride, a rare limited edition of timepiece, luxurious apartment, branded bags and so on.These are to meet the insatiable demands of the privilege few and it’s perfectly all right so long others will not be affected too adversely.

In facts, Isolated incidents of corrupted government officials in Republic of China was brought down by the thousands of zealous online group pursuit of netcitizens after the subjects was captured in the media which unknowingly disclosed of their possession which was beyond their earning capacity; an expensive pack of “Panda” brand cigarette or a specified “IWC” series high end watch which easily cost more than twenty grands US$ are  actually what it takes to give them away.

Why bother on what others are having for lunch while we should instead on focusing on what we have on our own plates. sometimes certain things are better left in the dark as many of us aren’t prepared to handle them in a constructive manner, the feeling of everybody else life is getting better but not yours? Trust me, it’s the same for almost everyone, it’s called “taking reference”. The key success element of “National Gross Happiness” in Bhutan is the administrator actually takes great measure to makes sure that almost everyone in the country is more or less having equal access to all the resources. Nobody houses is allowed to be  lot bigger than the one next to it so that pride and dignity of the majority can be preserved.

If we can achieve strong inner strength, be contented with what we already had and refuse to actively find out what’s others are having then we are in safe hands as we should take reference with something that’s are much bigger such as having a clear destiny and purposes in life, not saying to be totally ignorant but to be selective in what you should know as knowledge itself isn’t as powerful as wisdom. It’s perfectly OK to have highly differentiated products which carry much higher price tag for its quality and values instead of for the sole purpose of drawing jealousy and envies of others to make them feel bad which surprisingly can be highly addictive and satisfactory.

In other words, it’s the relative social status associated with materials within a community that hurts the most, with 20% of the upper classes holding so much more resources than the lower portion which in turns amplifies the inequalities, people will be less happy and the community will generally experience higher crime rate and weaker sense of security. Knowing this, we can train our mindsets to lock on with bigger goals and what we didn’t know really can’t hurt us if we choose to do so.


Uncle Garfield enjoys his coffee at Charlie Brown Cafe…




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