The Myths of Retirement in Asian Context.

Many working adults always had this grand finale on their mind, retires and do something they always wanted to do but always lack of the time and commitments. Many seeming important things were put on hold waiting for that days to come but one thing life never lacks of are the unexpected surprises that throw back at you just at the moments you thinks everything are within your planning.

Retiring from employment didn’t actually depends on age but rather the preparation one had invested over an extended period of time, in Asia region, majority of the working class didn’t actually had a solid welfare pension system where one can draw monetary payout right after they retires until they depart to see their creator. Some forms of compulsory saving over the length of employment are the standard retirement arrangement most of the Asian are subjected to. Many had no clues what are going to happen once they cross the golden 55 years old threshold and as a matter of fact, 55 years old are considered primes for most of the working adults. There are 3 myths most Asian had on their retirement. What does working means? Money is the only solutions and why one must retires at 55?

Working in a form of employment actually provides not only the financial reward to sustain lifestyle but in addition a contribution to the local economy and a sense of significant. Most people wanted to know they make a positive difference to their workplace in terms of productivity and business growth. Japanese employers commonly use a tactic to get rid of redundant staff by not assigning any tasks or projects to an employee on purpose and after a while, the staff will tender and seek other better employment opportunities where he or she can actually contribute. Prides and respects are earned and highly valued through employment through it generic hierarchy of positions. In other words, working is also a learning process where some lucky few can locate their respective mentors who guided them into the mastery of excellence in their respective fields. In other words, working alone is more than earning a paycheck but some form of social contract and obligation one can earns knowledge and wisdom. Retirement means giving chances to younger chaps a chance to gain employment to learn a trade and one must be willing be take up the role as a mentor to give them our blessing when the time comes. Jobs are for everyone, one shouldn’t had the illusion of life-long employment of holding on to a job and didn’t let’s go even when it’s the right time.

Money is important but it’s not the only things in life that deserves our full attentions. As majority of working adults are in employment of different trades earning a paycheck, providing for the family, having some decent saving, send the children to colleges, retires reasonably. All these requires money indeed but it also requires ours times and dedication in bringing up the children properly and keep investing on the relationship between the couple, use the money to acquire more on positive experiences accumulation like going for a trip, dedicating family time within the home, catch all the awesome movies, lecturing them on doing the right thing and so on. Its takes time to spend the money wisely, instead of using it on high end merchandise, one should weights the pro and cons and go for something that will improve emotional exposures. One doesn’t need too much money other than maintaining basic and fundamental lifestyle, medical expense backed by insurance products, routine travelling for pleasures, free of any forms of loans or mortgages, no excessively expensive habit such as gambling and alcoholic inclination and  abuse, so long these aspects are being addressed in the prime time one can choose to retire and transit into another stage of life cycle of retirement.

Having too much money sometimes can be a cursing in disguise if one didn’t have the right perspective on aging, some would resorts to extreme measure of feeding the insatiable desires like acquiring high end adult toys such as sport car and even replace the spouse of 30 years with someone younger, famous and expensive not for any practical needs but for showing off as a sign of excellent success, superior manhood and uncompromising taste. “financial freedom” is an ambitious marketing gimmick for investment products, one actually didn’t need excessive money to enjoy the retirement years, it’s not the end that counts but the process and journey one go through that make our life more rewarding for ourselves as well as for others and leave a positive and encouraging legacy behind. So, as long one is more or less ready, 55 years old is not the target anymore but a reference.

In summary, unlike western counterparts where most can some form of state backed welfare to rely on in the retirement years, Most Asian had to build and manage their own and had this illusion that money is everything and the absolute answer to all the woes and most couldn’t truly enjoy their remaining years in retirement in dignities and right perspective.

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