How Does Fear Affect Chinese Lifestyle in the Modern Era

Most Asian was brought up and lives in the surrounding of fears in the school, family and community. Fears of not being able to compete and secure a good paying job, not able to provide for the family, can’t afford the seemingly unreachable decent properties in the prime location, can’t be retiring and maintaining decent level of lifestyle in the cities, getting scammed and lose all the life savings, being lose out to the peers in the pursuit of wealth, children being disadvantaged and can’t have a reasonable head-start. Many had put on hold of their seeming important milestone in their life; getting married, having kids, spending quality time with parents and so on due to these fears. There simply no peace within oneself if without some 6 figure of savings or a roof over the top.

Majority resorted to corners cutting and cunning means to pursue their wealth as if the hard currencies are the only salvation to counter the fears they had deep down inside their minds. As a results, the system of trust had begun to collapse in the modern society, contaminated infant formula with harmful chemical of melamine for corporate advantages, recycled cancer causing cooking oils for huge profits, pork filled with banned chemicals for speedier growth of meats, excessive toxic paints used on toys are just some of the breach of basic safety public used to take for granted. In facts, couple of centuries ago, authority installed strict punishment including having the perpetrators family members being subjected to capital treatments. Family of the kidnapped child will be persecuted harshly to pay out for ransom, all in the effective efforts to deter future repeated crimes by installing genuine fears among the people. It does work its wonder in that era, people lives with mutual trusts and respects  to one another as well as having strong faith on the justice system installed.

In addition, many Asian in the twenties got difficulties in getting married as the fiancé and mother in-law insisted to show proof of property ownership as a prerequisite as many had lost faith in the marriage and having some minimum monetary arrangement in the event of divorce is the least one can do to accommodate the fear of relationship or rather marriage failures. Unlike couple of decades ago where faith was strong in a marriage and all it takes are commitments of each others to start a family empty handed. Ever escalating properties had crashed many dreams even before it got started, delayed family planning, postponed business star-tup, cancelled holidays, put up of career developments all because of the over leveraged 25 to 30 years of mortgage which represented heavy financial liabilities. A generation deprived of opportunities to strive for their own bright future was in the making due to the snowballing effects of fears of ever increasing fears of losing out to their seniors and peers except for the one who had strong supports of influential parents of either high ranking government officials or high income professional or successful businessman. In fact, lesser and lesser new graduates from the less well of rural area were recruited in prominent university giving way to the city kids who had access to early advantages of grooming, tuition and resources since nursery schools.

The absolute rise in GDP surprisingly didn’t bring true happiness in the hundreds of millions of Chinese settled in the coastal region thanks to the robust economic growth ever since the doors had been opened to trade couple of decades ago. The hidden fear of losing out subconsciously haunted them behind their back of the mind although things had definitely improved tremendously from the past in terms of materialistic gains as capitalism placed no equality restrictions on the absolute wealth, status, lifestyle one can have in their possession. Being shameful of being ultra rich was totally removed in today rules of engagement. Many go for the most expensive items rather than the best values in their consuming patterns in the relentless pursuit of dreams based on fears and materialistic possession. Having nice things around do works mysteriously to counter the fears at the surface but one simply cant keep up if there is no solid peace within.

Fear itself can be controlled if one carries same if not more level of trust and love in their system. Not being able to having the most expensive possession shouldn’t diminish their own self worth, every individual is valuable and all can do their parts in building a better living environments for themselves, extend the helps when its needed instead of fearing of the possible troubles or persecution, failure to secure a place in the best University didn’t necessary means doom for an individual if he or she works hard, go ahead and start the family if the prospect and timing is right, take the initiative to start a business as one never knows if didn’t keep on trying. Have faith in the system that things will work out to be the best if they have the correct mindset, refrains from cutting corners as repercussion do comes around, having a clear noble dreams and work hard toward the goals with enthusiasm and energy, knowing that we are all mortal and each are here to serve a bigger destiny of providing a better tomorrow for our next generations and the best things to leave them are the true legacy left behind which shouldn’t be limited to wealth only  but includes values such as virtues, trust, honesty, love, excellent accomplishment in the respective trades, last but not least the containment of fears and the courage and enlightened perspective of life itself.

In summary, we cant totally eliminate fears but we can tame it effectively using “trust” and “love” and the right perspective on life.

People react to fear, not love –they don’t teach that in Sunday School, but it’s true.    Nixon, Richard M.


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