Time for a Firmware Upgrade?

Hostile verbal exchanges between China Main-lander and Hong Kong residents appeared to underscore the sometimes fiery nature of their unique relations. As a matter of fact,  the new string of developments in Hong Kong over 10million Main-lander visitors flaunting  their muscles of influences and money in Hong Kong annually had indeed stoked strong emotional chords among the native and many took to the new media to express their thoughts and feeling, in cyberspace, sentiments can be fanned quickly, though it may not always translate to tension in real life but this time round negative emotions had had an impact in real life that runs into deeper discontents.

Perhaps, the proverbial rainy day has come, what goes around comes around. Situation was reversed in the 30s and 40s where Shanghai was the main business centers over less competitive Hong Kong, before the great revolution many didn’t look up to Hong Kong, from 50s until now, Hong Kong had since created miracles in economic progress and they didn’t think greatly of their counterparts. And now as there is a tide in the affairs of men, which, taken at the flood, leads on to great fortune for the massive Chinese Main-lander coming back to Hong Kong to load up on all variety of merchandizes ranging from staple infant formula, shampoo, designer watches, luxuries bags and rows of rows of high end apartments.

However, when the pattern of behaviors of the mass skew towards excessive pursuit of material wealth without genuine fear of risk of  imbalance or retribution are a chance to ponder what people actually wanted for themselves. Many are affected by social circumstances within their immediate environment. Increasingly tied to mainstream media influences on rich and famous as they feed on general public insatiable curiosity as it offers a glimpse into the perceptive glamorous lifestyle one could had had if one make it to the mark.

The crux of the issue is imbalance between software and hardware and not about not having enough as there always sufficient for the needs but insufficient for the wants. Firmware referring to both the hardware and the software working together to meet certain requirements and it’s wasn’t no much different when projected to people, too much of a hardware progress had not given a chance for the corresponding software to catch up. A same piece of equipment with constrained hardware is capable of superior performance with advance and smart software programming. There are 3 aspects of urgent software upgrade in need for the main stream Chinese Main-lander which could soften the tensions. Namely regaining strong faith in the system, having higher sense of security and last but not least, acquiring a higher purpose in life.

The natural calamity of the 3.11 Tsunami had triggered panic purchase of salts in China due to irresponsible unverified reports of potential radiation contamination of the East China Sea, it showed a hidden lack of trust in the authority in managing the market, it was popular in the past dynasties where shrewd businessman hoarded up huge supply of salt in the warehouse against direction from the Government in anticipation of higher asking price due to imminent shortage of salt production. The fear of hardship due to the unreliable Government runs deep in the mind of everybody.  In addition, latest survey indicated 27% of millionaire (RMB$100M and above) had completed their migration by investment, 47% are considering about it. This indicated those who had resources wasn’t contended with their country of resident and had weak sense of belongings mostly for the sake of their next generation and preservation of the hard fought wealth. Average resident had basically lost faith and trust of the system and most take matters into their own hand. Strengthening of justice and transparency in the Government infrastructure are the only way to regain authority and trust in the system for the grand benefits of the many.

Isolated tragedy of an infant knocked down by a truck and no good Samaritan extended their helps which was conveniently captured by the Close circuit TV raised an uproar recently in China, many refused to acknowledge their misconducts until verified and challenged by the video clips, some referred to the fear of criminal complication by helping due  to overzealous media coverage of similar incidents where a truck driver was heavily fined who helped a fallen elderly cyclist and being accused as the one who knocked her down. On the other hand, the bloody, invasive, aggressive and emotional coverage of earthquake rescue mission in China painted a stark contrast comparing the Japanese media where a calm and informative, respectful and non-panicking style of reporting of natural calamity is a common approach. The Japanese news crew avoided closing in on the victims to prevent secondary psychological damages. The emphasis of negative psychology by the mass media had taken over the fundamental belief of common sense of kind and justice. Media turning adversity to their advantages are not uncommon but do so at an expense of deteriorating sense of security of the mainstream resident. In other words, sense of security was manipulated and hold hostage by the mainstream media. Do what is right even risk of being punished, shamed, tricked or even accused of in regardless of what contemporary belief holds as in the end, it’s between oneself and his creator. It had to start from the family with strong moral education and leads by example, followed by the immediate neighborhood with consistent community ties and interdependent and extends to the wider range of the society.

Acquiring a higher purpose in life form a crucial foundation for stability and peace within the family as well as the society at large. One needs to have an idea or belief of death as although our advance medical breakthrough had extended our lifespan considerably but we are still mortal in nature, having the end in mind would change one’s perspective in life into a more balance and meaningful lifestyle. One will avoid excessive focus on how much one can acquire and spend on materialistic gains and prioritize on things that are fundamentally crucial like spending quality time with the children, achieving excellent in respective field, giving back to the community and so on.

In other words, it needs both software and hardware to make things work, frequent upgrading on the firmware will make sure things are counter-checked and true balance can be achieved. The recent conflict in Hong Kong over huge number of Chinese tourists creating disharmonious are a good problem, it revealed what are lacking of and some form of upgrading will help to ease the situation..


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