Critical Moments for Decision Making

There are probably predictable times when one is on the top of everything, holding a bird eye view on all matters and capable to set the right priorities with a crystal sharp and analytical minds. There are also moments when we can easily come to the wrong conclusion and make a decision that we live to regret it. It will be to our advantages to be able to recognize these critical times so as to minimize the potential downfall and maximize the gains.

There are vast scales of different nature of events in our mortal and seasonal lifetime that we make life changing decisions.

Strike by major catastrophes: natural calamity like typhoon, flooding or manmade events such as accidents, victimized by crimes and so on where great odds are stacked against speedy recovery. Most individual had to go through the full cycle of shock, anger, blaming, guilt and acceptance and at this moment, what matters the most are as clear as the wide blue sky; family, relationship and mortality.

Being exposed:  Most of us had some hidden matters we kept to ourselves, misconducts like an affair, fraudulent behavior as dishonest tax return filling, expense over-claims, unspeakable deeds such as using drugs, pornography and sexual violations and so on, its ruins our perceived image of integrity by others and the subsequent heavy sense of guilt and dishonor to the family brings shames and self examinations.

After a major setback, like being laid off, getting a divorce, death of close kin and friends and so on, incidents of this nature is distressful, demoralizing and yet help one to regain  strong faith and understand what are the bottom lines.

Outpaced by the demand of health and strike ill by major health problems. How critical illness reduce individual to a little more than a bed ridden dependant, with little control over the daily affairs as the pillars of strength have succumbed to physical incapability.

Retired with no other purposes, individual, lost the long held identify of being a contributing important member of the society, it led to a belief that one feel like short changing oneself with too much free time to roam aimlessly and with end of life reeling its head, It’s about time to mend broken relationships if any and let go of grudges.

Proud and doing well. Individual who are most admired and imitated for their solid achievements in careers, health and family, riding on smoothly on everything, having the self identity respectfully established and self-fulfillments being filled up, where the highly disposable money comes easily. Nothing could possibly go wrong.

Unrelenting mastery of network and influences from all level, empowered and unchecked authority and do at one’s whim, nothing can corrupt an individual like being in power and control.

Fallen crazily in love, the zest for life was at the peak and all things are rosy and the world is for your taking when one is madly emotionally and psychologically being blinded by the massive sensation of love.

Flesh, fame and greed The giving in to the weakness of overwhelming desires in flesh and greed led to cheating and shortchanging others for personal gains and advantage; Fallen prey to a get rich fast scam, incapable of overcoming the urging desires in flesh and fame.

Senile and forgetful, derided for being a useless not contributing individual that threaten overall family well being

In a nutshell, we are all being studied and thoroughly analyzed for hundreds of years and our seemingly irrational behaviors are indeed predictable and its pays to know what are the special moments that we should avoid making big decisions.


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