Keep it up!! Asian man

Modern single Asian ladies of mature age are becoming an important mainstream of clientage for many business establishments. A whole range of products and services are specified tailored made to capture this ever growing segment, such as smaller portion size packing offering in grocery stores to users friendly flashy consumer electronics. Many remains single due to the relative shortage of high quality eligible man meeting their traditional screening criteria passed down from previous generation, however, most had themselves secured high education qualification and disposable incomes.

Why our previous generation tends to put up with each other of unreasonable behaviors was beyond anybody logical reasoning. So long the drawbacks are overtaken by the many advantages a marriage can provide, many had long and lasting relationship for the sake of bigger pictures usually involving for the sake of well-being of the growing up children and of course financial liabilities, family unit is after-all more economic based on the spirit of sharing resources.

Contemporary ladies insisted on having the equal rights and in fact had achieved a great milestone compared to previous generation but deep in their core value system, they insisted on placing the same if not higher values on traditional role modeling for the man held for decades; reliable, financially sound and resourceful as these are classical key parameters forming an impeccable strong protective framework for higher chances of successful offspring bringing up.

Man had to strive even harder to exceed their expectation and there are three areas for opportunity for improvements. Rule number 1. Relationship with marriage in mind had to take into consideration of extended family background as its can either break or make the union. 2. Being Asian, the man must be stronger, aggressive and ambitious and yet be sensitive and caring enough for the family, one must exhibit sufficient levels of self-confidence and motivation to lead the family into the right directions.

Among the many predictable problems in troubled marriages it may come as a surprise that extended family conflicts rank up near the top. Problems with in-laws and other significant family members can create such havoc in a marriage that it has lead people to divorce. While the demise of any marriage is a sad affair it becomes even more problematic when family conflicts have played a part. The key is to establish reasonable boundaries and be realistic upfront.

Avoid being stereo-typed to be weak as the ego and pride must be preserved to maintain healthy balance of influences in the family. Typical Asian man had to be perceived as the primary figure otherwise he will lose the self-confidence and be incapable of achieving the maximum potentials, there should be only one head of the family for quality roles delegations. This is an important consensus between the couple. Do whatever it takes to keep the mutual respects and admiration one had on each other as the bottom lines.

In summary, we are at the cross-roads where we had westernized expectations and demands but holding on to the Asian core values for all matters including relationship and marriage. Asian man in general had to understand this new phenomena and adjust accordingly to meet the demands by being reasonable aggressive and yet caring enough for their counterpart’s sensitive needs.

Happy “Mother Day 2012” to all Mother.

Come on down to indulge with your mother or even on your own

Bring back a good old slice of childhood memory with our Charlie Brown Mother Day special!!


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