5 Ways to Take Advantages of Your Counterparts in China

Rapid global sourcing shifts are shaping working style and transforming business demographical location, it’s not uncommon to be engaged in multinational colleagues, superiors or subordinates. The inexorable rise of  China had millions of Chinese workers entering the global workforce and  It’s pays to understand what the Chinese working peoples actually want to maximize the mutual potential benefits for both the business and employee. After all, the bottom line for any commercial establishment are profits and it had to hire people of all trades to make it happen, the winner is the one who can meet both the needs of workers and the company’s goals at one point or the other.  Surprisingly while fair and decent monetary compensation play a critical roles for competent and motivated staff but they aren’t the only things one can leverage on.

The underlying Idea is simple, It all boils down to two major desires and wants of any working individual; sense of significant and emotional fulfillment of caring and love; 1. Being valued.  2. Some level of flexibility.  3. Strong and supportive team.   4. Being delegated   5. Being respected the Chinese way.

Sense of significant or being valued

Amid climbing cost of living and shrinking job prospects, most will value a good employer who recognizes efforts and results and gives timely praises and compliments in private and in front of others sometimes not necessary comes in the forms of promotions. One can never fully comprehend the myriad gratitude of publicly recognized achievements without savoring it yourself. It reinforced self worthiness of an individual and making one feel good and being valued and it carries a strong ripples effect for even more challenging tasks ahead.


Like the whale going through the ocean with the mouths open, nothing beats micromanaging superior who scrutinize and control all matters and ended up compromising  the original inspiration and motivation of an individual. This is definitely an unmistakably clear destruction of initiative by an individual without some level of autonomy granted. The superior must learn to let go certain command of controls so the subordinate can thrive to their respective excellent.

Collegial support and sharing

Insist on strong teamwork to help safeguard the good nature and bonding between team members, why anyone had to  put up with any bullying  colleague was beyond reasoning. Mixture of exaggerated truth and unnecessary defensiveness are not uncommon in dysfunctional department where trust and supports aren’t in existence.  A sizeable part of sense of belonging  are drawn from a strong team and we as working adults thrive, crave and treasure them.

Participation in mission and goals

To take the initiative to participate for a larger goal comes with just as many risks as opportunities, and it’s still worth pursuing as people wanted to be part of something bigger to leave a legacy behind. The minute that a very capable person in the organization feels you don’t care about their development, they will start the process of disengaging you and by having them taking part in the high level of involvements in departmental, cross functional or company goals are one way to prevent the damaging disengaging process.

Being respected the Chinese way

Face, probably one of the key elements in maximizing each other potential contributions. Occasions like birthday, promotions, Chinese lunar new year and other traditional important festivals are all critical dates where one can openly express their gratitude toward one another by gifts exchanging which is a form of favoritism and add faces to an individual. Nevertheless, this has fuelled a secondary industry which specializing in trading in high price cigarettes and Chinese tonics and so on where one can exchange for hard cash with the gifts given by others..

As a result, in the interest of mutual benefits for all, one can leverage on the basic inherent desires and needs of any individual to deliver their maximum potential contributions, monetary rewards alone will lull people into a false sense of good management and neglects the general rules of diminishing returns which led to self-inflicted productivity wounds.


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