The Secrets of Building a Great Korean Nations in 20 Years

Rapid economic growth in Asia for the past decades had sown the seeds of a great emerging Korean nation of 50Million as they had aggressively set the right priorities and executed them to the perfections. Just like nothing worth complimenting happens by sheer coincidences, Korean had some hidden tricks up in their sleeves and together with the political leader’s sweeping rounds of revamp in all strategic areas especially on their sheer dedication to reforms in new industries like gaming, pop cultures and consumer electronics, we had witnessed firsthand their influences in our daily life. In addition, the genetic DNA make-up of the great Korean people also plays a crucial role in their remarkable achievements. Last but not least as there are always two side of a coin and one can’t simply neglect the corresponding social prices often comes with great accomplishments.

It’s all begins with the 95’s classic Hollywood production of “Jurassic Park” which inspired Korean political leaders to pour resources into producing Korean movies which could had potentially multiple folds of economic gains from box-office as compare to conventional automobiles manufacturing , that didn’t go well but along the way Korean drama series became a big hit in the regions since 00’s which not unlike American series opened the flood gates of Korean cultures to everyone outside of Korea which includes consumer and durable products like LG and Hyundai, scenic area featured in the all time love stories of  “Winter Sonata”, MTV legendary dance move , distinctive culinary variety and so on. A government ministry is setup to strategically promote the magical Korean soft power as it had the multiplying real economic effects. A typical male lead in the Korean series texts on a Samsung handset, commutes in a Hyundai sedan, get a boost from Ginseng tonic drink, lives in an apartment furnish with exclusively Korean brand household appliances, take his holiday with his girl-friend  within Korea itself and weeps to show his soft side when needed in the show.

In addition to the weaker currency policy to maintain the competitive edge of its products, the past decades of respectable economic progress and aggressive extraordinary political reforms of Korean have shaken many countries in Asia including the developed nations out of their complacency, in fact, Japan was failing to keep pace with its Korean counterparts rivals, Sony, once the region biggest consumer electronics manufacturer, has seen its market share slip to the relatively higher vertical integrated power house like Samsung which own almost everything that goes into the smart-phone. Taking a painful lesson of reforming from a dozen or so conglomerate in the 2008 Asia financial crisis to the current top 4 family-controlled large scale corporation characterized by strong ties with Government agencies referred as “Chaebol”. They are fast becoming number 1 choice brands world-wide, trading blows with European and Japanese companies over market share in the area of automobile, industry and consumer appliances and others.

Korean plays an increasing crucial role by virtue of its economic heft, cultural influences largely due to their legacy hunter inherent desire to compete and win among their homogeneous demographic people as well as nation to nation. Reported events like patriotic households giving up their precious gold pieces during the crisis to aid the Government, dispatching thousands of pastors oversea for missionary works, early grooming of potential lady professional golfing, aiming to make it to the top 8 of Olympic games to be noticed in the world stage, no more longer suppressed by surrounding territories in the by Russia, Japan and China in the past history, they are taking on Japanese and advance western country as worthy rivals as they blossoms to a proud and strong country. Unlike their other Asian counterparts, Korean are generally more aggressive and united in a group as part of their basic instinct for survival and greater bargaining power; It was demonstrated in their fearless arm retaliation during the 90s LA riots to prevent wide spread looting and the protests held in the street over the controversial import of US beef products.

One has seen Korean national economies expand at an unprecedented pace and lifestyle conditions dramatically improve at a hefty price socially, Private tuition runs to 2am despite Government’s curfew so that the students can secure a better schools or class, extra tuition after school had raised the bar for everyone and all of a sudden nobody can afford to omit them, some parent resorts to extreme measures including dispatching of young children overseas for an extended period to gain a competitive exposure advantages especially in English language, as many strongly believe in going to the best college equals writing a cheque with a lifetime guarantee of a well-paid job and the only way to secure that is being the top in academic achievement and the aggressive grooming normally starts from the cribs . In addition, the unusual high living expenses in the City exerted ever more intense stress to compete with one another among working adults. As a result, the national suicide rate had in fact double in the past decades across all age group due to the ever escalating pressure to succeed in life.

In summary, as Winston Churchill had quoted “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that count” Korean has definitely come a long way to arrive at its current state and they deserved to be proud of the respectable milestone they had secured for themselves with.

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