Brighten up Your Day with Snoopy’s Signature Smile

A good elderly German friend of mine remain single all his life, owns no vehicle and real estate, stay in a rented apartment. His few hobbies including occasional drinking of German brews, indulging himself with radio’s programs and attends musical concerts.

Despite being far from wealthy, he got a golden heart like the disinfecting sunshine, although not able to dispense well phase words for those who surrounds him who felt depresses and sore about everything, he simply enlightens them with a wholehearted smile, revealing his two rows of glistening white teeth and Cheers “Snoopy Smile”, it had the magical power to draw out people’s sense of humor and chase away their blues instantly. If there is one thing that distinguishes him among other, it would be his care free and positive mindset towards life itself.

I had been reading Peanuts comic for years and didn’t particularly pay much attention to how Snoopy make his at occasional mischievous smile. All I knew Snoopy is adoringly cute, innocently creative in making the owner, Charlie Brown felt like “Why can I have a normal dog like others?” and on their other hand, Snoopy’s touching insightful gestures often make Charlie think “Happiness is a knowing and heart-warming white creature like his pet”. Snoopy vision of inspiration is to stares at the blue sky laying on the back of the signature dog hut, fantasizing himself as a fighter jet pilot roaming around.

Puzzled by how my German pal carries himself in the seemingly less than ideal material conditions. I dug out my old series of Peanuts strip and to my pleasant discovery, Snoopy Smile is indeed a carefree smile, with the erected flapping ears, dancing feet and wide open ear to ear smile proudly showing of all his teeth, it’s contagious unreserved and innocent smiles just make people feel good and carefree. The trick is not minding anything else actually matter other than feeling great about yourself.

From that moment, I kept the comics at my bedside for some pleasant night time reading and look myself in the mirror in the morning and cry out loud “Snoopy Smile” and try my best to imitate him to begin my daily affair. All troubling thought vanish with this routine.

For an extended period of time, Snoopy Smiles had been my motto until a family friend commented on my rather childlike comic book reading habit and out of embarrassment I file them away and gives up this habitual routine of self enlightening and becoming one of millions of others making just making a living without enthusiasm, passion and energy.

One day I learn that my German pal had taken ill rather gravely and I wrote a letter to him to ask more about it. He returned a letter with no wording but a sketch of Snoopy, looking at the all familiar picture, I was overwhelmed by its strong positive influential smile, “Snoopy Smile!!” I told myself.

I am deeply moved again with my friend’s persistent optimistic, through the letter, I felt I am Charlie Brown again, no matter what are troubling you, all you need is smile like “Snoopy” and all your problems will be put in the right perspective and one can achieve a sense of peacefulness and calm like never before. After all, failure is not fatal, success if not final, we all can learn to frame events positively and expect good outcomes in-regardless of the actual end result, smell the roses along the way and still enjoy the day. Taking it one step at a time with positive mindset while avoid measure oneself with achievement within the general culture of excellence the modern society pursue. As over the decades, the provision of true happiness has been left increasingly to the contemporary market shifting more toward materialistic focus

“Snoopy Smile” took priority position in my lifestyle after the letter and has remained there ever since, it’s my second chance at mindset reform and now I read peanuts comic everyday and when I come across those who are depressed, I will share with them “Do you know about Snoopy Smile?”


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