Jokes of The Month

My 2 year old was crying in his dream wanted to go to Hypermarket for shopping, 6 in the morning, My wife is cuddling him trying to comfort him telling him the store isnt open yet at this hour. Not effective, my wife changed tactics and started describing the usual shopping routine and my son stopped crying visualizing the trip; we are in the car, we arrived, got down, you are in the playground and mommy needs to pick up some groceries, milk, cheese, milo, biscuit, milk. “You already picked up the milk”, he caught it and corrected it in his dream…

我两岁的小儿子生病了,他妈说“哎哟,你又咳有流鼻涕,妈吗感到好难过,你知道吗”, 小儿子:”难过?, 我可以扶你过啊。”


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