The Unintended Effects of Labeling in China

Scientists were astonished to discover the unintended effects of putting color coded band on birds ankle for tracking and categorizing purposes, different color were used and birds tagged with either black or red band had superior social standing among others in the herd to the extends of affecting their normal lifestyle, they got to enjoy better privilege in mating, higher priority in eating and as a results ended up with average longer lifespan.

A large-scale study was carried out in understanding this exceptional phenomena and scientists had come to a conclusion of bird’s color preference on black and red, on the contrary, those that were given blue or purple coded band were rejected by the group and had difficulties in mating and feeding and led to degraded living conditions and thus has much shorter lifespan compares to their contemporary.

Likewise for the research of white fur arctic wolf, portable battery-powered silver painted radio transmitter was tied to the tails of the cubs and their fate was transformed magically to second class in the family, no pals and no mating opportunities, not to mention the deteriorating order of feeding priority in the herd. Some didn’t even survive to maturity. They suffered the same fate as the grey wolf who had to give ways to the Arctic wolf. The foreign transmitter object had unknowingly becomes a discriminating catalyst.

Not unlike the animals, human had the same tendency to possess of birds of a feather flock together and outlaw those who didn’t meet their standards. From the noble class in British monarchy hierarchy to the contemporary million of Chinese who not due to their own doing, but lead a drastic different lifestyle depending on the place of birth. A system implemented in the 1940s to regulate demographic situation to ensure efficient resources distribution in the massive land. For example, making sure there are sufficient labors in crop production in rural area and one can’t travel or relocate to the city without a prior written approval.

Chinese from rural area are therefore labeled at birth and gotten much lower standard of welfare in education, living condition, job opportunities and so on whereas their counterparts in the urban area benefited from the rapid economic progress never seen before in the past decades. In addition, the cities that pioneered China economic reforms mostly  along the coastal region are compensated handsomely either in new apartments or cash deploying a complex formula taking into consideration number of dependent per household and so on when Government decided to redevelop their existing residential area.

In other words, the residence permit had become the human equivalent color coded bands or radio transmitter altering the fates of ten of millions of Chinese people creating escalating social tensions among them which if remains as it is could led to serious repercussion of unrest and discontented. The increasing splurging power of urban consumer is also driving the discomfort level felt by the residents in the mass undeveloped regions which spark fears of violent crimes and aggressiveness, the spectrum of potential class struggle is a looming realities for all. Like the wealth gap, the longevity gap has also widened and urban Chinese and the rural folks on a collision course if situation deteriorating further.

In the past, income differentials were settled by reference to what seemed fair and reasonable administered by the all mighty Government from cradle to grace. It is the breakdown of non-economic, common-sense ways of valuing human activities. The framing and labeling works wonder in the past had lost the effectiveness under rapid economic reforms where income and living standards had the widest gap never seen before in China and only true reforms can rectify the scenario by balancing the spread of wealth among rural and urban residence not entirely leaving matters to the market force.



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