Asian Getting Trapped In the Bottom Levels of Hierarchy Law of Needs

Modern Asian are relentlessly pursuing the ultimate goals of success in fame, power and monetary gains like never before and neglected other areas that really do matters in the long run, the whole new generation was brought up focusing exclusively on these goals and nothing else, with 30 years of economic reforms in China, irrelevant pursuits had been since neglected and Asian in general had been molded purely as economic machine getting highly skilled in their respective economical trades. Most had lost the original passions on their personal interests. As mankind only can get closer to the core values through engaging in passionate affairs not necessary resulted in economic benefits at least not as the original goals in order to make progress along the value chain of Maslow law of needs.

Indeed, An American visited the elementary schools in major cities in China in the 80s and took note of the unusual diligent altitudes of the massive students going all out in their studying for highest academic achievement and predicted in two decades they will excel in science and culture overtaking US and we all knew that things were more of less remain the same in the 21st century. As a matter of fact, Innovative consumer products from Apple Inc had created massive economic of scale leveraging of the abundant supply of highly skilled Chinese labor force as well as their ever insatiable demands for such quality goods and services.

Paranoid parents in Asia at large often dictates the disciplines their children should pursue suppressing their inherent creativity and inclination, splurging huge expenses on the training and nurturing lessons creating a huge scale of economic in the relevant educational fields; skills that increase one child’s odds in securing entrance to good schools, well paid jobs and materials possession like ownership of a decent house and an automobile are the mandatory focus for all respectable parents, all others didn’t matters, as a results, there are increasing trends of over supplied of well trained executives who had difficulties gaining meaningful employments in the modern employment market which places increasing premiums on creativity and ingenuity over generic competencies. Three worrying trends emerge worth further exploration, 1. Oversupplies of high academic qualification rather than skill based vocational skills which led to structural unemployment. 2. Deteriorating collective competitiveness on the global scale. 3. Level of satisfaction plunge amid rising income due largely to a bitter perceived sense of inequality.

Firstly, graduates in Taiwan and China hit a record number in recent years, largely due to the fears of slowing business amid a gloomy global outlook and many thrives to remains as competitive as demands for white collar executive shrink. Despite their efforts in hunting down a relevant job, many ended up taking advantage of the 2 years working holiday visa offered by Australia and New Zealand to work in the farms, factory and restaurant, tasting the bitterness and sweetness of laborious physical jobs. There are simply not enough employment opportunities in their choice of disciplines whereas skill based opportunities are abundantly available but being shunned of back home due to lack of prestige and professionalism. Traditional vocational trades such as pastry chef, hair stylist, mechanics, plumbers, waiters and attendants should had their own professional credential agency for better regulation and reasonable wages standard. Many are the victims of not standing up to their passions and interests and blindly following their parent not uncommonly outdated preference field of studies and general life directions overlooking the contemporary trends where the best jobs are constantly evolves and probably beyond one imagination.

Secondly, as Asian seeks major economic reform, a well balance infrastructure is crucial for progress and stability. Excessive positive government meddling is one effective way to remain competitive as a nation, a typical restaurant in Singapore had crews from all around the regions, Indian chef, Filipino waitress, Local Chinese outlet manager, Chinese PRC assistant cook and beer promoters, Malaysian cleaners and so on. All leveraging on the relatively high local wages and the job nature which is being shunned by the local due to the long working hours and lower self-prestige, however it had reversed its legacy policy on taking advantage of cheaper imported labor force from its neighbors and emphasize on improving on the local staff benefits on the low end and laborious segments not limited to Food and beverage, construction, security and cleaning service and so on as it battles for survival as polls loom on increasing local public fury feeling the heat from the foreigners, who offer to take lower than market wages, taking away the job opportunities once being despised of as economy cools and ever increasing inflation induced living costs.

Therefore Government assertiveness had to be seen in this light, which underscores its evolving political system and leadership for dynamic balancing. One way is to ensure one can make a reasonable decent living waiting tables at the beginning and climb the way up the chain of values which represent an alternative career option. One example is Korea who within 2 decades of visionary leadership and unparallel aggressiveness had made impressive progress on technology, fashion and culture which had multiplying and marketable leverage.

Last but not least, majority of the middle income Asian is relentlessly focused on improving their lifestyle and well being prioritize getting themselves ahead of others as the sole purpose at all aspects which has taken its toll on overall happiness as there are always someone who seems to do a lot better .By restricting themselves in the bottom 2 steps of the law of needs on monetary gains of ever better properties, ever powerful automobiles, higher paid jobs, and so on most get themselves trapped in the dead end of vicious cycle. In addition, series of high profile exposures of massive corruption incidents sparks rampant outcry and negative role modeling in the community, going all out to strike rich even brushing against the law become a noble collective ultimate goals without any fears of reprimands from the legal system or the divine hands. They make up growing proportion of discontents of people trapped in the bottom hierarchy of needs

In summary, most of Asian except for the truly deprive cluster group had more or less already met the criteria of the bottom layers of hierarchy law of needs and instead of moving higher up the value chain they got trapped there due to strong holds of monetary pursuit values they were brought up in, influences of public media on the desirable lifestyle of rich and famous, lack of proper higher calling of noble cause on humanity, helping, sharing, faith, and self actualization. The bottom line is one actually didn’t need to be very affluent to climb up the Maslow’s staircase, everyone can have a shot at it and it probably one of the easiest and cost effective way to be truly happy.


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