How to tackle the looming scourge of Asian single ladies being taken advantaged of financially in a relationship

Snoopy & Woodstock RainingFor a relationship that has allowed grievances to fester, financial woes usually top the list, there is undeniable growing trend of Asian single ladies being taken advantaged of financially by their respective boyfriends. In a bid to embrace them with their invoked abundant motherly loves, women pull out all stops to claim sovereignty on their man physically, mentally and financially, some were also lured into an irresistible investment opportunity.

There are 3 category of tell tales signs of high risk relationship, started with elusive man soliciting sympathies with half told stories which often kindle women’s motherly love instinct, frequently claiming difficulties on making month ends, experiencing tight cash flow situation and not eating properly and undisciplined lifestyle, these works wonder on Asian women and they will make it their natural born duties to assume these responsibilities for their love one including paying for the expenses and bills. The second type involves man of opportunistic and egoistic nature, citing many stories of friends hitting gold mines through investments and business ventures and they will entice their girlfriends to invest as a vote of confidence when they themselves run into insufficient capital situation. Last but not least are the despicable professional con artists typical presented with desirable profile of wealthy businessman, high ranking officers and high networth professionals to conquer the trust of their victims preparing for a final act of making a harvest.

All of the above involve single or divorced ladies with respectable source of income and wealth. Almost all the man had the trump cards of promising much craved after life-long marriage. One can minimize the odds of becoming the next victim with a different perspectives and establishing a stronger social firewall for better screening of the true scumbags out of the man.

First of all, there are half chance the elusive or the ambitious boyfriends will turn out to be the best life partners, it become financial setbacks because the relationship had ended, otherwise, it’s part of puzzle of courtship and relationship, one is obligated to help out each other within one’s means and should regards the sum as a gift instead of a high returns capital guaranteed loan. “Can I manage without ever seeing this money again?”. So long the money are not used for vice and self destructive addictive activities such as gambling, drugs and excessive alcohol consumption and so on, it’s a fair bet to build trust and faith on each other. In fact, it’s easier to give in rather then standing firm and say no in some instances knowing it’s more challenging beginning for a meaningful relationship which needs some hard work. Some women simply find solace and identity in taking care of the man and some man are just  born risk takers and who knows their next business venture could the break they keep searching for.

Meanwhile, there are no shortages of con artists who prey on single ladies with sweet talks and caring and enticement of the much sought after marriage with sound financial incentive. Preventive measures are always the most effective ways by engaging themselves with active network of friends and family in community and office for a healthy dose of sound advices, opinions, alternative ways and third party reference and characters check although most of the victims are highly independent career ladies where sometimes pride and ego can prevent them to seek helps from friends and family until it’s beyond rectification.

In summary, once the floodgate of love is opened, its rather difficult to change one’s opinions until it’s all over, everyone should has the privilege to make mistakes and take at least a couple of chances with the loves one as there are half chance it might work out well in the end, being excessive precautious and paranoid might has the drawback of incompetence of trust building. With the exception of professional con artists where only by having a strong private firewall of acquaintance and referrals, chances of crossing path with them can be minimized.



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