Saving Face Most Critical Hurdle for Middle Age Asian Man to be Re-Hired.

Presentation1A family’s grief was laid bare once the married middle age man with dependents of the household lost his primary job and unlike welfare states where unemployment payout is one of the option for the eligible for the transitional period between jobs, most average Asian man had no such safety net to fall back on and not unexpectedly they tends to take much prolong extended period of time to clinch their next job as suitable openings that meet his seemingly reasonable and respectable expectation is few and far between. Commission based brokering jobs which comes in abundant like insurance, multilevel marketing and real estate aren’t everyone cup of tea as they demands strong discipline, aggressive strategy and outspoken personality to earn a decent living to begin with. It didn’t help when small and medium enterprise’s life span are now averaged shorter to  about 10 to 12 years, workers had to expect to take on different jobs at least 3 to 4 times during his productive years.

However, pride is preventing Asian man to assume jobs with lower ranking and salary due to mismatch of expertise and experiences. Inherent Asian man’s self-inflicted quest to provide for the family, brought up to be the man with destiny to fulfill his God given duty to carry on the honor on their shoulder as the sole provider for their family is preventing man from releasing his full potentials, anything less is unspeakable and disgrace to his family, friends and relatives. It’s male-centric culture plays a delicate role in balancing aggressiveness and humbleness within a functional family. Therefore, man’s growing agony in re-employment is a major concern for both the family and the society.

The remarkable economic progress exacerbated relentless transformation of industries and switching one career path of different nature is an increasing common phenomena in the new economy era, one had to bite the bullet and move on when faces inner resistance, the sooner one understand the situation and accept it the better for everyone in the household, Man bid for strict and inflexible control of one career development are in fact pushing other opportunities away.

On the contrary, middle age Asian women who have made remarkable inroads into job markets  will go all out to take up any jobs that comes along to provide for the family from where they draw their sense of duties and identity as compared to their male peers who simply can’t swallow up the prides and self-esteem to downgrade without a miserable and often fruitless fight. Family play an indispensable roles in coaching and encouraging the man of the family to assume his new job responsibility and realign his core of self-image and confidence within the family not unlike the women folks who seems to do a lot better in this modern era in their multiple roles capacity.

Highlighting the risk tied to the being made redundant in an increasing dynamic job markets, One can cushion the hard landing of the inevitable by taking active precautionary actions;

1.  Jobs referral is the key avenue for middle age man to secure their next jobs and managing a network of friends, relatives, colleagues, customers, suppliers, superiors, subordinates and so on is an indispensable lifeline one should invest on.

2. Identifying preferences early and invest in grooming them as other skill-sets, align with other personal and family priorities in health, family, faith and communities for establishment of strong and confidence contributing individual of the society. Being competent in this areas will compliment the man to stand out from the rest for the next job opportunities that present itself.

3. Being strong, dominant, emotionless and no nonsense are the stereotyping trademarks of a typical traditional Asian man. These once highly sought after styles simply didn’t work anymore. On the contrary, they had to be transformed to be soft and of flexible nature, facilitating soft skills is an essential asset to remain competitive to take on any jobs that come along even if it seems socially unpalatable, in other words, man can learn a thing or two  from the women. Its increasing acceptable for man to play the lesser roles for the benefits of psychological well being and healthy household  as a whole.

Exclusive emphasis of man’s suffering of dignity degradation face family harmony risk if others refuse to take part of redistribution of household financial responsibility due to the built-in different of the roles of genders play in the modern society. We shouldn’t contends that the man misfortune is due to their own lack of dedication and marketable skill-set but rather as one is adjusting to adapt and adjust to the actual demands of the job market. Fundamental altitude changes needed to made to build resilience and open mindedness into man of middle age group. Its nothing wrong with their significant, values and capabilities, its just getting along with the grand theme of ever changing dynamic of the job markets.



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