Leveraging Precious Resources of Time

529794_469487483115930_953050115_nNo matter how fair resources allocation had lost its bearings nowadays, exclusively one thing fair is in regardless of individual social status of loyalty, executive or the less privilege, it is to mankind credit that everyone have the same 24 hours per day given, no more and no less. 1440 minutes for everyone’s disposal daily. Effective time management becomes an essential skill to stay relevant due to the disruptive lifestyle the new technologies had brought to us. The inter-connected nature of the modern communities had in fact translated into increasingly fragmentation of time block we used to enjoy and being able to stay focus becomes a scare capability, same goes for quality physical companionship.

Ineffective usage of the scare resources of time sow the seeds of future crisis as the new driving source of economic momentum now focus on absolute results rather than the hours one puts in. There has been a remarkable shift on focus on productivity, which does not bode well for those who simply trades in their hours in return of monetary rewards. Therefore, a social imbalance emerges, with accompanying behavioral consequences between social classes of those who can leverages well on the time resources and those who can’t.

Exceptions are jobs that runs on front desk like receptionist, operators and retail lines, Stubborn one dimensional focused mainly in rigid working hours of nine to five to safe guard one personal free time with family may have the situation worsen as work load got accumulated and eventually got out of hand.

We should invest our time not unlike sound financial leveraging; many are exacerbated by social norms that place excessive emphasis on consumerism culture and over borrowed to satisfy the desires and ended up paying back the debts without ever having the assets increase in value. One should refrain from overspending and should instead acquiring cash flow generating assets and get pampered with the excess returns. Likewise for time management, one had to invest the time wisely to maximize the results and at the same time enjoy the “extra time” created for recreational purposes.

A proliferation of modern knowledge workers had challenged the old ways of measuring one performance, keeping track of their productivity, admittedly, it’s irrelevant to the hours but rather on the quality, it’s exceeding one expectation that counts. In other words, efficient resources allocation on a fix time interval for the higher ever quality results is the key to success. The other category is those who had key performance index as their job’s requirement, irrelevant to the routine working hours, accomplishing the results of higher orders, new customer relationship development and so on are the fundamental essentials to stay in the games for rewards and recognitions.

Gone are the days of rank and file system which depends on seniority and keeping defensively for the regular working hours, new industries had defied all these and emphasis solely on outcomes. To invest prudently on our scarce resources of time for maximum returns are not unlike deploying good financial leveraging.

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