Changing Your Life for the Better With 12 Friends


To tackle the looming scourge of misperception of connections matters the most in our smooth climbing of career path, we ought to examine the few turning points in our career lifespan, the few critical correct decision making moments would often dictates the positive growth and our surrounding friends play an inevitable influence for advices and encouragement for those decisions. i.e. “should I take up that job offer?”, “I want to switch career type, what do you think? “Maybe I should demand a promotion based on my past merits? “Can you help to refer me to the new opening in your company?”

The key lies solely on the 5% of the friends who are capable of changing our destiny for the better and we ought to screen through our networks with scrutiny as our natural capacity caps at 250 friends on our life time, having anything beyond that thanks to the low entry barrier presented by the massive social media network is simply practically unmanageable.

As a matter of fact, 80% of the 250 individual just turns up on occasions like weddings and funerals, other than giving words of well wishes and condolence, they normally wouldn’t give you any positive words and will blanket you with all sort of potential failures when you wanted to make a difference. 20% are optimistic, dispensing words of motivations and so on and only 5% will actually help out when needed. Career and economic benefits that arise from having a higher proportion of 5% liked minded cluster of friends are crucial as they are the one who most likely to give you true words of encouragement and lend you a hand in critical moments.

Therefore we must pursue exclusive network of friends to keep full of vigor due to the natural limitation of demographic advantages. we should aim to sow fruits by spending 80% of our time with the 5% chosen network of friends who share the common beliefs in meanings of life; religion, family, health, lifestyle, purposes, ambitions and so on. The essential key to identify them out of the 250 acquaintances is to declare and share your core values as early as possible, filter off those who didn’t meet the same values and put in efforts in establishing and developing strong connections with those who share the similar backgrounds to back up each other up as you might be his or her 5% high valued friends as well. Assuming you will go all the way for him or her when situation demands of it.

In summary, most of our unhappiness was likely to have stemmed from comparisons with others instead on focusing on our own individual growth. Having the right clusters of true friends help to further refine one meaningful goal in life, however it is inconceivable that we solely count on our success on others rather than having a clear career goal and put in hard works and let the elements of luck do its part, not the other way around. Allocating considerable amount of your time on the friends who matters are a smart strategy as when come crunch time, all the hundreds or thousands of friends will seem to have been thrown out of the window.



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