Accept Life and You Must Accept Regrets

The man who insists upon seeing with perfect clearness before he decides, never decides. Accept life, and you must accept regret.–Henri Frédéric Amiel,


We all have regrets, as a general rule of thumb, by noticeably refrain from making decisions one will have lesser of it. Tensions flared when comes crucial moments to choose path and Indecision and disengagement are typically fueled by the sheer amount of pressure to succeed in the increasingly competitive society where some believing in the risk of doing something is greater than doing nothing. But at the end, through battles and struggling, its not what one gains but rather what one becomes and regrets comes with the territory.

Wise man encourages embracing the cactus first and pull out the thorns later one by one as it’s not about pro and cons but whether one can gone through the inevitable challenges and emerge as a true warrior with manageable after thoughts. It reflects willingness among the winners to seek to move on with decisions after agreeable amount of consideration even without seeing the roads ahead with perfect clearness as they truly believe in themselves in living a meaningful life which carries both reward and hindsight in their own perspective.

Being in the chaotic world with unknown risk and rewards, it’s everyone business to take on the difficulties and some will simply retreat back to safe heaven when facing unfamiliarity and unchartered territory acting on human natural instinct, some begins developing habit of declining challenges as the safest bets, losing to animal instincts who will choose to fight for even a tiny chance of survivor when being cornered. We pacify ourselves by refraining from putting in a good last fight, excusing ourselves as being contended and easy going.

On the other hand, one sided excessive public media emphasis on failures and defeats on high rates of divorce, unemployment, business closures, scams and all other negative issues are being rapped for shaping the public into overreacting, defensive and indecision. Buy researchers say it doesn’t have to be this way, one can be trained to be optimistic and open minded and put things in perspective, there maybe failures and regrets but they shouldn’t stop one from pursuing their goals.

In addition, think accomplishment, and almost always what comes to mind are making the right decision at the critical moments. Although wider horizon allowed one to shed the shackles of exorbitant high price of failure and strike out on their own with perfect decisions . Growing optimistic also inspiring more confidence and decision making, therefore creating a sustainable healthy engagement inclination requires enabling and promote hopes for the better tomorrow, appropriate opportunities must be catered for a fair chance to make a difference. Institution driven policies like equal employment opportunities, affordable housing and transportation, minimum wages, decent chance of academic achievement, reasonable economic growth and a variety of of incentive programs and so on are the breeding ground for more to move on with life as the price to pay for mistake are kept to the lowest.

As a result, after couple of decades of hundreds of decision making moments, three category will eventually emerge, The brave one with fair share of regrets, the loser with zero regrets and those who simply didn’t make an effort to make something out of their lives by not taking any chances at all and wasted the most part of their talents and potential. Economically, the last group are slammed for having mismanaging resources given by the society and family upbringing for not progressing and take life as it is in maximizing their inclinations by pitching in their best in their careers, venturing out on business opportunities, engaging in courtship, raising a family and taking up new challenges and so on.

In summary, excessive dwelling over past regrets and self congratulations on avoiding making grave mistakes mostly offer just a brief escape from reality. The success of the likes of warriors perhaps lies in the deftly accepting life as it comes into a distinctive style if its own. Eventually, we are not unlike the candles with limited shelf life of which serves no purposes if not for being lighted up to provide lights and visibility for others and in the process, fulfilling our destiny of leaving some decent legacies behind and of course not excluding some respectable amount of regrets.



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