Myths about Equal Opportunities for All


Everyone loves the classic story of an ugly duckling being transformed into a charming swan, it often being referred to as a sudden changeover from little girl to a mature and attractive women. In addition, it’s also commonly used to describe someone who had been upgraded within a short period of time for the better through effects of inner and outer elements of changes.

Many dwell in this classic hit as it hinted strongly an equal opportunities for all so long one put in extraordinary efforts, as a matter of fact, the true essence of the story had been misunderstood, the ugly duckling was never truly transformed, it’s actually a mixed up of a swan egg into the ducking nest and she suffered miserably from birth from alienation and self-doubt due to her apparent differences from the crowds, at the end she run away from home and one day soar to the blue sky with full wings on impulse and by looking at the reflections of the lakes, realizing that she is indeed a swan. The essence of the script is the true DNA one actually carry, even for a swan to grow up in a duck farm all her life, she being a swan will prevails eventually. We overlooked this and willingly trusted blindly the way the equal opportunities in the story enlighten us as everyone can be a swan one day if one work hard enough against the author original intentions.

So, does true transformation of ugly duckling to swan exist? It indeed exists but rare, the majority of us are helplessly bounded by our preexisting criteria of social classes, opportunities and hard work. Hard working being the less significant to make a different, true equal opportunities simply couldn’t be materialized as allocation of resource are discriminating in nature resembling an ugly duckling near to impossible likelihood to be upgraded to a swan which are commonly seen as bestowing success. One aggressive bid to become a swan relentlessly are actually pushing meaningful living away.

Having said that, no to subject ourselves to a destiny of doom and pessimism but to have a clear understanding of the nature of realities, refrain from wasting time to hope for transformation to swan and instead to work within the infrastructure, swan and duck all had their own unique lifestyle to enjoy, having their own dignity and destiny to fulfill. No one has the right to deprive them of the privilege of living meaningfully in a different way. It’s differentiating structure plays a delicate role in balancing aggressiveness, humbleness, justice, pride, respects, fairness, governing across all segment of the communities for everyone to live a decent life.

Everyone should be contended reasonably that misfortune is not solely due to their own lack of dedication but rather build in structural difference play a hand too, we should be proud of being what we are, exclusive emphasis of becoming someone else face social mobility risk if one refuse to accept the facts due to inherent inequality of the society, being wholeheartedly the true ugly duckling had its own kind of sweet rewards too. The remarkable economic progress had enabled exacerbated relentless pursuit of individual wealth accumulation inclusively for all segments.

It’s government’s responsibility to ensure fair progress for all different clusters of the society. Individual realistic expectations helps to strengthen the well-being and happiness for all and fundamental changes needed to be made to build resilience in all level of communities not unlike in animal worlds where hierarchy of food chain rules for thousands of years. All living peacefully with each others with give and takes in respect to their different levels, all playing their respectively roles to sustain the greater ecology.

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