Relationship Management Upgrade 2.0


How do we account for time of which events took place in timeline sequence? with God given internal clock (heartbeats) governing our biological life cycles we become conscious of the passing time with varying degree of perceptions very much dependent on the corresponding context. Internet had a profound impact on our time as we have seen time and again what comes in the wake of perpetual access to the Internets via mobile platforms. As much as technology is an instrument of control, connecting people to outside influences is bound to accelerate the depletion of our limited time never experienced ever.

It’s not uncommon for one to dwell in past events, living it over and over again in our mind for better or for worse, we are backtracking past memories on specified incidents using cognitive situational retrieval model to assess its significant; the more details one can recall, the greater the impacts as in duration and relevancy. Our built-in complimentary sensors could had also aided some of the details collection subconsciously of which the associated recollection we unknowingly filed away could be triggered from time to time; the magnetic tone, salty air, smooth touches, vibrant blue sky, emotional state of fear or enlightenment of that moments and so on. Compulsive engagement of social media doesn’t stop at taking away our precious resources of time; it make a point of taking away our identity and privileges to get connected to peoples, event and ideals in full context. Our sophisticated senses was deprived of their entitlements the social media platforms had yet to offer.

Most important, perception changes time, it correlated to the level of complexities. A classical experiment on test subjects to memorize between a simple and complicated illustration despite both were given equally amount of time, the later felt it had taken longer time to finish the task. We had bulldozed our way into high productivity era with emphasis on faster, better, bigger and cheaper in all aspects in our lifestyle but success seems years away despite countless of efforts put in. The allure of instant gratifications which many had gotten addicted to on personal internet devices has led many to take some uncharacteristic moves that defy the individual proud traditional core values of managing relationships primary with close friends who matters the most through face to face conversations and sharing. We now had more than ever online friends and eager to share out our rather private and personal affairs on media platforms without hesitations, posting only one happiest and best moments in vacation or status used to be a very private gesture only to selected few as not to make others feel uncomfortable on how much well of you have been (Being humble). We all become our own models in advertisement broadcasting exclusively solely on our well beings which represents an incomplete profile of ourselves.

True friends need some level of physical interaction, sharing and confides both enlightening and distressing worries with one another. As a result, we can simply extend our days with these meaningful ties we develop with same amount of time we used on management of online relationships, as it portrays an oversimplified social network. Time used to develop webs of loving and meaningful relationships can do amazing good. Many argue that our core self are being hollowed out as dependence on social media networking grow, getting connected to friends are never this easy and convenient. Our insatiable tendency to strive for popularity online with ever increasing genuine or fake followers suggests we are just social animals craving for attentions making it harder for people to work on the physical relationships where time factors are part of the essential ingredients. Chances to form meaningful ties with one another today have never been easier yet many report higher levels of loneliness and social disconnections.

 Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time.– T. S. Elliot

Another key element in our association with time is “Prior anticipatory influences”, the same experiment was conducted but one is given a task upfront to estimate the time he or she needed to complete the test. In regardless of which illustrations was assigned, the conscious awareness gate which serve as a door to our capturing mind will be engaged. For someone who holds high regards on the job will have full throttle at the gate with maximum signals being processed and vice versa, explaining why 15 minutes actual conversation with a friend seems to last hours as compared to equivalent time of engaging in social media activities.

Many bet economic gains would outweigh the constraint of finite resources of eventual mortality are kidding themselves and will be dealt a setback eventually, as we ultimately merely needs love, faith and hope. Change your perspective and you can change your life as a popular motto recited daily by a popular local talk show in Singapore; one can actually squeeze more out of our depleting days by stretching it further with alternative perspective. Ever wonder why we had timeless long holidays when we were younger but time simply flies by when we got older. Our relationship with time is closely related to the amount of information we handle daily, kids explore and venture new and exciting things on a daily basis and he or she had practically unknowingly extended beyond their daily ration of 24 hours. Older adults had relatively mundane routines and some of our days just went unaccounted of with the awareness gate virtually closed. So, one can simply enjoy a upsize of your days by living adventurously, enthusiastically and full of wonders.

Online networks lacks the necessary complexities and integrity which should be used as great and efficient secondary relationship management tools with primary focusing on physical interactions where you get the real deals and these social deposit you made with one another can last a lot longer as its rich and influential in nature, this approach offers key considerations to maximize one precious resources of time where everybody is given 24 hours a day no more and no less on one of the most important aspect of life; relationships.


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