Leverage of Social Networking Parts Ways With Traditions

It’s a well-accepted fact that social networking expansion raises one’s chances of reaching out to more favorable circumstances, however, contrary to popular beliefs, more opportunities are actually waded in as doors are opened through acquaintances from one’s secondary links; a network of people of which one only get to meet probably couple of times a year or not at all for a while rather than from the solid primary social circles of people we hang around on a daily basis.

The rediscovery of the importance of tier 2 networking has found some resonance; from rising incidents of successful job referral revealing the true values of weak social ties one had to extremist’s sizable reaches to young individuals who were inspired to join the great quest from all corners of the connected world. Therefore one shouldn’t underestimate the potential complication of the secondary influences for better or for worse.

Given today competitive mode where the strength of one social’s reach plays an inordinately large role in everyday affairs; from careers advancement, closing deals to making important decisions, most people are inevitably slaves to fear of the unknown beyond their own comfort zone, and prefer avoiding risk to staring it down and reinforce it with self- fulfilling prophecy depending exclusively on advises and guidance from first level of strong circle of liked minded colleagues, friends and relatives. As flock of the feather fly together, our everyday connections where we draw most of the supports and meaningful conversations everyday are likely having very similar profiles as ourselves. They would’ve had the same limitation of useful information or referral outside their existing circles of influences.

In addition, proliferation of multitude of social media networking platform is making it easier for an individual to harness high value prospects through the weaker ties both online and offline. Surprisingly, secondary link can outpace our primary connections in providing valuable tips or advises, it would mark the significant of diversity one needs in this complicated Eco system not unlike in the animal empire, whose influence had until recently appeared to be negligible amid little emphasis and time we actually spent with this particular  network grid. The “someone” from the loose fabric need not to be necessary influential individual with means although it sure didn’t hurt knowing someone up in the value chains. The fundamental distinctions are their profoundly different background from one own which serves as a valuable window for relevant information. Having Robust and valuable life long affiliation not necessary means the type of inner circles you ‘re in but rather how many different outside links can one establish contacts.

There has also been an awakening in the contemporary environment, which has manifest in growing wariness on digital divides and infiltration . A growing segment of demographic society didn’t seem to be able to take advantage of online resources for their own legitimate benefits either through lack of accessibility or incapable of expanding one horizons with sufficient diversity of information. Many become their own editors in deciding their choice of daily exclusive reading materials with the easy to use free instant access online tools often not giving one wide range of coverage from politics, finance, entertainment, community, international, local, IT, forum and so on. Authority had to resort to online advertisements to broadcast their propaganda on the digitized public as the landscape of conventional mass public media channels (TV, Radio, Newspaper) had been radically undermined.

In summary, in an effort to understand the inexorable widening of the gap between haves and have not, one flag stand up. The haves usually had wider networks outside their inner sphere of influences and better understanding how one gains access to useful information will carry weight with have not who aspire to move up the chains of social mobility. Despite the fact that we interact a lots more extensively within our own category as compare to the loose connections of which their wide variety of diversity of different background often throw us the critical indispensable lifelines. In other words, relevant and diversity of information plays a more important roles

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