Leave the Best for the Last

02121CLeave the Best for the Last  

Japanese language had a unique feature of placing importance on the closing sentences rather than in beginning.to drive the essential key messages across, taking advantage of the “Peak-end rule” by Daniel Kahneman: “a psychological heuristic in which people judge experiences largely based on how they were at their peak (i.e., their most intense point) and at their end, rather than based on the total sum or average of every moment of the experience” .

As a matter of fact, an exchange usually consists of elements of both pleasant as well as a non-appealing one. Context and grammar wise, it carries the same information but it can leave a rather pleasant and lasting impression if we leave the best for the last in the delivery. For example, to pitch a Kinomo dress to potential customers from Tokyo: “The thread was from Osaka but carefully knitted in Tokyo:, likewise, to persuade Osaka based prospects: “Produced in Tokyo with fine threads from Osaka”. Just by reordering the sequences of the sales pitch accordingly, one can increase the probability of closing a deal.

Frequent misunderstandings with one another within our social network underscores the challenges we face amid creative and highly manipulative expansion of our online circles in the world’s largest phenomena never experienced before by mankind. Its not uncommon to learn someone you know have their relationships and reputations being ruined beyond repair overnight with seemingly online innocent postings as intentions was being taken out of context without a fair chance for rectification as compared to standard face to face or over the phone interactions. Now everyone becomes a public figure with unprecedented scrutiny from all around the world, localized and isolated school bullies could potentially become a global online manhunt where some wouldn’t hesitate to hurl virtual abuses in their comforts of their home not unlike the classic road rages where decent individual transformed into hideous character as their automobile become part of the extension when they are behind the sterling wheel.

Working hard to being accepted and given a seal of approval in any relationships is coded in every one of us, from newborn’s instinctive cling to the first human to a child’s formation of playmates, teenager’s exclusive one sided alignment with peers, adult identifying suitable life long mate, sustaining networks of like minded colleagues and so on, yet the simple fundamental and effective rules of engagement that could help us to thrive with fellow homo species have become increasingly challenging nowadays as our days were filled to the brink with ceaseless digital disruptions we willingly consented to in an anticipation of a more productive and rewarding lifestyles.

With the risk of distance in between our treasured friends and relatives in our social engagement rapidly increasing, regular practices with one another in our daily interaction provided an indispensable avenue for us to remain in the mainstream. After all, no man is an island and we are there for each others.  Face to face interactions can also potentially snap up positive energy of one another if proper context and good intention wasn’t put in placed, situation was far worse for the ever dominating social media platforms where the information exchanged was restricted to either text, visual and audio and often rather highly subjective.

Our generic set of highly capable and complex bio sensors actually capture full spectrum of details of which play an important influencing factor even without ourselves noticing it; Acts of rubbing chin, covering one’s mouth, tickling one nose during a conversation usually indicated lies; unstable verbal tone tells if one is nervous; weak handshakes, distancing, straying eye and crossing one arms reveals withdrawn and mistrust. The ambient; lights, background noise, humidity, temperature, a particular aroma and so on all form a big picture of what is exactly going on. Our brains goes into overdrive mode to make crucial judgement subconsciously taking advantages of our basic instincts; a hunch if it’s a scam in progress, if the man is a liar or one had actually found a perfect mate. In other words, the best and sure way to establish and maintain high quality and mutually rewarding relationships across all levels is offline,

In summary, online social media is a great tool and it can be use to compliment our social life rather than replacement of the good old physical interactions where it truly matters. Practice with one another is important to build one’s competency levels, excessive dependence on seemingly almighty internet platforms usually degrades one socializing skillets and always follow one golden rules of leaving the best for the last in a message for maximizing the intended result.  Sometimes, a simple and yet enriching conversation with one another can be as nourishing as a good meal to a physical body as to our souls. Quality triumph over quantity as an average Joe cant possibly manage a couple of thousand high quality friends as claimed on social sites.







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