Chinese White Collars Caught by Surprise with Deep-Seated Superior Complexities

In the past, traditional Chinese scholars take sympathy with the laborers in the agriculture society for their hardship in making a living; as academics are not very much better off financially to those who trade their physical labors to earn an income and despite forming a tiny fraction of the demographic, the poetics and intellectuals were highly regarded in the upper echelon of the society.

Fast forward to modern era in China after 30 years of significant economic progress where household income had doubled every decades,  labor intensive non-agriculture trades are well and alive in major cities; Many well educated white collar executives also take pity on them due to the harsh nature of their livelihood; long hours; demanding laborious hardship; outdoor working environment and so on but many of these small business operators or blue collar workers now earn the same if not more income than office workers who in recent years are increasingly being made redundant with proliferation of internet and automation in the market for them to command a premium on the salary they once had.

The inherent superior complexities had continue blinded them from accepting the new reality. In fact, they are the one who deserve sympathy more than ever before; over invested on academic pursuit, forced to give in to the mainstream disciplines instead of chasing their inspiration and grooming of their talents; being at the mercy of the aggressive job market ;in addition, other fundamental factors behind this phenomena are also illustrated below; 

Oversupply: It’s all boils down to supply and demands; there simply is an epidemic oversupply of executives in the job market as Chinese relentless place priority in academic pursuit of paper qualification to certain extent influenced by the  legacy Chinese Confucius feudalism social structure on the important of the category in descending orders of scholars; farmers; craftsmen and merchants.  Rigid Social structure with zero social mobility which had governed society for centuries of dynasty in China have given rise to new patronage networks of aspiring parents and education system to groom and invest more resources for their children to materialize the new Chinese dreams; high academic achievement, high income with non-physical office bound and stable jobs in sizable state and private enterprises.  All of which makes it imperative to review true objective in bringing up next generation in the most practical and effective manners. Unlike their peers in the west, where only the truly minority intellectuals pursue higher education for scholastic achievement, most others settle for other means of making a living and the social class between highly educated and skilled workers are negligible and widely accepted with active Government social engineering administration; in other words; no one is looking down on each others due to the social class and income level; all had access to decent and reasonable living standards; those who had more resources who chose to live a more comfortable lifestyle with better things in life got to offer; luxurious apartment,. top grade automobile, high end watches and frequent travelling are being envied and not sarcastically being antagonized at. 

Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated. Confucius

Social Mobility for all: This phenomena becoming more and more prevalent with the depleting demographic surplus Chin dominates where hundred millions of migrant workers once exodus to Tier 1 cities  filling up the labor intensive gaps now chose to stay put as they themselves are moving up the social chains with better access to education, job, resources back home and this has spawned destabilizing forces throughout China with daily labor wages disputes where the current administration had dedicated to narrow the income inequality for the sake of overall peace and order. 

Shifting Priorities: Without mainstream faith, Chinese’s chief purpose in life is to make as much money as possible for higher standard of living; while its play a crucial element moving up from poverty but the diminishing return set in once decent living conditions are established, the new social status is defined by wealth rather than individual’s contribution to the nation as a whole;  professions like medical, military, educational and government personnel once highly respected are being avoided due to the limited upside of earning potentials where sense of significant, social obligation and higher moral grounds make up for lesser wealth were once idolized and encouraged. Inherent insecurities looms in China and everyone is holding on the wealth in the forms of properties; valuables and cashes as the definition of success. 

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. Confucius 

Legacy of Superior Complexities : As a matter of facts, Sympathy and feeling sorry are based on the true sense of superiority; who had access to higher income and resources or better social status with their talents and gifts but the psychological barriers were torn down with the new equilibrium where highly skilled and resilient merchants, stall owner operators become scarcity and generate much higher income in general despite the ungodly hours and business risks they were exposed to. True scholars and academic are intellectuals as the tiny fraction of the society who represent their cohort with their views in literature, artworks, publication and other means of public media channels. They are the gifted one where talents, hard works and opportunities in their favor who had the right to claim superior complexities to the majority others.  Other mainstream of diploma and degree holders in the range of  6 to 7 millions China produce annually are merely a results of resources misallocation with misplaced faith of chasing the new Chinese dreams.

Respect yourself and others will respect you[info]Confucius

Addressing the underlying problems is to eradicate the inherent built-in values Chinese imprinted in their DNA. Respects and due recognition for all levels of working class and ensure all had equal basic access to fundamental resources on medical, education, housing, jobs and so on. Those who had higher income to adjust their perspectives to be more civil minded and take up higher social obligation.

In summary; Increasing unemployment rate for Chinese graduate eclipse the dynamic in job markets with resources mismanaged and unrealistic expectation; as the return on Investment on aggressive years of academic hard works remain absurdly low. Younger generation with higher education level were held hostage by years of legacy parental and society obsession of guarantee success on paper qualification and shun out other skill based or laborious career opportunity with the inherent superior complexities working to our own disadvantages. In the consumerism and connected community, the new social structure is taking shape to reward those who can fetch a premium on their services based on scarcity of supply and demands. Chinese educational system need urgent and major overhaul adopting more realistic and practical approach to meet the latest dynamic job markets; taking reference to the programs of apprenticeship; craftsman and discipleship system in Germany and Japan where trades and craftsman forming a sizable proportion of the labor market  are well regarded and woven into the social fabric seamlessly, relative more wealth isn’t something to show off, on the contrary, its carry higher social obligation to give back more back to the community. 



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