It is rather striking to observe how someone always gotten lucky consistently? One can simply feel the positive energy overflowing within that individual with exceptionally strong optimistic emotions touching and transforming others meaningfully whereas many other peers keep being victimised into the ever present and powerful temptation of greed, ego and other desires as given in to enticements have long be-deviled mankind since the beginning, made worse with the increasingly online foot prints we brought on to ourselves; internet love scams, investment hoaxes and extremists ideology radicalisation are just few examples of the modern virtual crimes with real monetary and emotional damages and one always wonder why those lucky one always seems to be spared from all these all the times. As a matter of facts, Its all boils down to our level of emotional resilient not unlike our physical immunity strength; some got sick easier than others just like how some always gotten themselves into problems; We will explore the fundamental reasons behind the “unlucky” elements and how to condition ourselves to join the “Lucky” club.

Many of us seemed unprepared and unaware of the approaching storms and conflicts which can have an harmful negative impact of our well being and when being ambushed by these unpleasant episodes of major setbacks in life; losing a job, getting a divorces, losing a love one , gotten a major illness to trivial daily hinderance; get caught in traffic jam, coffee stains on dress or simply someone cutting into your lane suddenly and so on which upset us and made one susceptible to temptation for a quick fix; turning to some known “feel good” behaviours; online addictive shopping, obsessive social media “like” endorsement and etc which had unintended further harmful consequences and as a results we ended up being taking advantaged of on our nature of compassion, acquisitiveness and craving, in other words; gotten unlucky.

In fact, there are scientific evidences we as homo species had limited resilient and self-control capacity for logical and sensible responses despite our own will power and respectable self-image especially when one is experiencing weak or negative emotions. Explaining the inconsistencies of one fallen into temptations from time to time.  Its just so appealing and irresistible to splurge on luxuries and unneeded items extravagantly or go on a binge eating when one feel insecure, demoralised, stressful or simply exhausted. Fear, worries, uneasiness, paranoid usually propel us to crave for self-relief and relaxation; smoking, drugs, alcohol, junk food, sugar fix or other forms of substance abuse and its not uncommon for a smoker to keep on quitting over and over again and relapse into an abusive and damaging self-image chain reaction and so on. Struck down in our fault-lines of self-doubts, low self-esteem and guilt, as a result many of our positive potential were left unexplored and rendered lost opportunities in the end of our useful prime years.

In addition, a study was conducted to have subjects to reflect on their past worst encounters and regrets; before treating them to a dessert buffet; they tended to go on eating spree feeling depressed, hysteria and lousy about themselves compared to a control group for instant gratification mostly for psychological comforts probably in our genetic auto response in preparation of an uphill battle ahead to induce the much needed dopamine for self preservation. When in depressed mode, we subconsciously seek out and carry out known rewarding behaviours; while these seem a natural stress reliever but in facts, these deeds brings paramount amount of shames and additional stress upon us.  Self compromises could  be a distressed response for a quick fix of dopamine we unknowingly craves to meet the challenges of redemption from all kind of setbacks life throw at us.

The remedy is to differentiate dopamine from Oxytocin, the former excite us whereas the later truly pleasantly relaxes our stress. Although not as immediate and in high dosage as compared to dopamine inducing conducts, its the only proven practical way to relieve tensions; Yoga, medication, strolling, prayer, religious activities, reading, listening to musics, family socialising, massage, painting, cultivating creative hobbies are some of the way to produce Oxytocin within our physical body. Its unmistakably clear, just like boosting up one immunity as first line of defence from common sickness by having regular exercise and sufficient rest; one can also manage the potential vulnerability of giving in to allures of full range of inherent weakness of anxiety, uncertainties, distrust and so on which in turn shortchanging ourselves along the way by staying emotionally resilient. Had accomplished all the world could ever reasonably demand of us should we train ourselves to the in best operating environment in preparation of the best ever outcomes; well rested, stayed positive, engaged in Oxytocin producing activities, exercise regularly and good things will usually come at the end.

Another aspect is self-acceptance, free from sense of guilt, not hiding anythings from anyone and be your own self is the way to concentrate the level of will power to guide ourselves out from the lowest points in our life. The sooner one accepts his or her own shortcomings and engage in “correct” activities and making sure getting sufficient rest and recreational one can resist all range of pitfalls and temptations either off and online where increasingly dominating our quality of livings and we truly can become luckier eventually in life.


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