Cracks Appearing in Chinese Confidence on Local Health System

Closed to 500,000 Chinese national alone in 2016 represented over 5 times the number just a year before had patronized Japanese medical service providers well known for their solid reputation, trustworthiness and advancement in medical standards from supplements, consultation to treatments, contributing over 90% of total medical tourists arrivals in Japan. On the other hand, Japanese Government and the operators have swept into this new source of much needed medical tourism revenues with comprehensive packages that targeted the individual and their extended family needs; from expediting visiting visa facilitation, integrating holidays and shopping arrangement to translating services and hotel booking for the accompanying sizable family members that’s come along with the patients from China. This recent exodus of Chinese currency to Japanese medical industry also highlighted the following developments;

Dramatic Sharp Demographic Impact of the medical consumption from China in Japan has to safeguard local Japanese’s interests as it’s not uncommon for China to throw her weight around manipulating neighboring countries simply with her sheer scale of economic influence and collective consuming behaviors to her own advantages from time to time; from limiting the influences of Korean soft cultures (restriction of Korean drama and artists), controlling the outflow of capital and boycotting specified imports (American beef) or business enterprises (Korean’s Lotte marts) and so on. Nevertheless, Chinese nationals and corporation arriving in the foreign regions is not immune to display of distrusts and snares of domestics residents as they had a significant impact to the local livelihood; from soaring property prices to buying out of local businesses, simply due to Chinese deep pockets which often benefited only the local assets owners and interests group but not the ordinary residents which had to compete with the foreign players for limited resources. In other words, Japanese business needs to be vigilant in managing this enormous rise in medical services and product demands from China as not to compromise the existing high standards to their dormant local markets while capturing the new stream of revenues, as Chinese RMB can disappear as fast as they emerges with dynamic changes in the Chinese policy.

Increasingly influential lifestyle seeking alternatives Chinese medical industry, once a cornerstone of the Chinese superiority, with thousands of years in field application integrating both the best approach from both traditional Chinese medicine and western practices has taken a big hit in public esteem fallen victims to malpractice of profit driven unscrupulous operators preying on the mass market increasingly through exaggerating claims on mainstream media including online advertisements where mishaps were subsequently exposed by keyboards warrior netizens disproportionately despite the facts that many other proper operators had done a decent job improving the wellness of the millions, being influenced with the biased comments and opinions, those with financial resources will not hesitate to seek out overseas alternatives and the less privileged one would go all the way to borrow desperately to send their love ones abroad for treatments and ended up in heavy debts creating hardships for the family for years to come.

Deep mistrust of fair allocation of medical resources Incessant Isolated social incidents of medical negligence, bribery and abusive behaviors among patients and medical professionals highlighted the lack of transparencies and low faiths between the services providers and recipients.  Gives a glimpse of the anxieties and discontents the patients and families faces daily in seeking treatments; exceptionally long wait, fear of mistreatment and exorbitant charges. Moreover, local anxiety can be easily triggered through ill intended social manipulation as many regarded the free reining social media platform as an exclusive window to current affairs, giving them false and biased perspectives and this new phenomena is common everywhere else.

In summary, along the way, many Chinese, buoyed by rising incomes, developed a sense of mistrust of the authority and after 3 decades of impressive economic growth, the influential Chinese have become increasingly assertive on the level of medical services at home. All eyes on nuts and bolts of china’s medical reform agenda for an efficient and cost effective medical system to cater for the rising needs of the huge aging population and increasingly life style related illnesses.  Society owes it to its own sanity to encourage and facilitate fair medical practice in both the public and private segments.  Yet, this is not an answer unless Government overhaul the medical industries restoring the much needed faiths and confident. However, but, for the most part, many are increasingly appear to respond to Chinese financial influx with gratitude as people learn to embrace the new rising super power in this century with open arms although it takes time to adjust to the new reality.



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