The 2500 Years Old  Evolving Chinese Culture

The strength of Chinese culture lies in the thousands of years of history, integrating all the wisdom and covers a large geographical region in eastern Asia with customs and traditions varying greatly but all with a strong common trait of number one priority on economic progression, it represents the realities of everyday life in China striving to move up the levels in the Maslow hierarchy of needs through peaceful means, however just Like Yin and Yang and having both sides of a coin, the opposite of being culturalized is militarized, a way simply resort to using jungle survival mindset to fight for resources; usually the mightier one win all, therefore culturalized is being promoted by scholars and emperors since day 1 for a civil and fairer  way of managing the vast land of China from dynasty to dynasty and although from time to time, one regime will be toppled and replaced by another authoritative one by force especially when peoples go hungry and angry due to natural calamity or abusive and incapable government of the time.

Yin and yang, male and female, strong and weak, rigid and tender, heaven and earth, light and darkness, thunder and lightning, cold and warmth, good and evil…the interplay of opposite principles constitutes the universe. —Confucius

Although westernization (American lifestyle) and foreign influences (Korean pop cultures) threat represents an ironic twist to the challenge to Chinese culture, associated with modernity and diversification of which  could be dealt with by deploying the cultural resources of a Chinese rooted in family and language. One advantage of Chinese culture is flexibility and pragmatism; for example, hundreds of millions of Chinese migrants adopting with the needs of the times in dress, behaviors and thoughts usually avoiding being inimical to the host countries as Chinese cultures that are anchored in economic activities only would likely drives up the local property prices but nothing else in the sensitive politics and religion arena. Often, the robust and resilient Chinese culture would embrace and even colonize or rather culturalized any incoming foreign cultures.

“Whoever controls the media, the images, controls the culture.” ― Allen Ginsberg

Fast forward to modern days, there are probably 3 new perspectives for examining the evolving Chinese cultures; 1. Relationship Management 2. Culture Nurturing 3. Increasingly spilled over undesirable cultural influences from online platform  

Cultural Relationships: Chinese culture is simply the relationship management between individuals, cohorts, department, organization to even countries, specified engagement protocol in a civil manner to achieve common objectives. Certain practices continue to play dominant roles in average Chinese family such as filial piety and sense of shame. Most would go all out to have son heir to carry on the family name and spare no efforts on children education to give them heads up in the competitive world.

Cultural Nurturing: Cultures had to be managed to remain relevant as anything that mankind created had inherent flaws including the cultural system which could had gone astray if left unchecked such as the cultural revolution in the 60s where brute forces were deployed in one of the largest social experiment ever occurred in recent history. As mentioned earlier people naturally resort to aggression by instincts and therefore it is critical for proper cultural elements to be inculcated, promoted and encouraged systematically to safeguard humanity and bringing up the best self in everyone for the collective benefits of all. One for all and all for one, sacrificing in the name of society good is praised and encouraged upon for example. 

Online Cultural Corrosion Proliferation: Sense of shame, once a cornerstone of the Chinese culture, has taken a big blow in public esteem as the wealth pursued in an unprecedented way in scope and depth is the new religion in China which resulted in wide spread foods safety compromises and scamming operators, many had also taken prides in breaching the rules and regulation and getting away just because it can be done as the social media platform serves as echo chamber encouraging and bringing up the “negative” side of anyone instead of promoting the best behaviors and conducts.  

As the online avenues increasingly becoming the new opium of the masses in a way many social scientists had yet to fully comprehend, the negative self fulfilling prophecy of mistrust of authority, sense of despairs, escalating perception of insecurity, despaired of losing out, targeted profile based massive online influences and the commercialization for profits maximization the way traditional public media had shaped our sense of identity and moral value but this time perhaps multiple times more influential online all had generated a new face of mainstream cultural values of embracing “post truth” and rather extreme values not unlike thousands of self radicalized misled ISIS sympathizers taking matters into their own hand. The misguided online influences had reinforced and proliferated to offline and represent an imminent challenges to the Authority.  

In summary, 文化 in Chinese character literally means active cultural and civil manners inculcation and its something that need to be managed then rather left alone as people would had a tendency to bully others to get around without these predetermined relationship management protocol and online free running self-radicalization and empty chambers had begun to shape the mainstream Chinese cultures where many Chinese took pride in, When the society see wide spread social ills due to changing cultural values, its time for collective efforts to safeguard and steer the dynamic values to the right directions aligning to the general Chinese Confucius propaganda emphasizing primary on Loyalty, Filial Piety, Benevolence, Love, Courtesy, Righteousness, Probity, Sense of Shame since more than 2500 years ago.  Grappling with the highly influential and flammable, having a life of its own dynamic viral non traditional online mass media, its everyone responsibility to preserve the core values of these traits which promote a fundamental moral values framework for individuals, family, organization to even country for the years to come. 


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